How to Filter Link Opportunities with Open Site Explorer and Excel

Open Site Explorer is an extremely useful tool for finding out who links to a specific site. You can export your competitor’s link data and use Excel to filter the best link opportunities to the top. Like mining for gold, you often have to filter through a lot of worthless stuff to get to the gold nuggets.

Here is my process for filtering link opportunities with Open Site Explorer and Excel.

1. Go to You will need a Pro membership with Moz or a free trial.

2. Enter the URL of a website that you want to mine for link opportunities and click “Search.”

3. Select “only follow”, “only external”, “pages on this root domain”, and “show links ungrouped” from the drop down menus.


4. Click on Export to CSV.


5. Open the CSV file in Microsoft Excel (I use Excel for Mac).

6. Turn the sheet into a table by clicking on the cell in the first column and second row and clicking on the create table icon.


7. Go through the rows and highlight rows that are good link opportunities. You can use different shades of color to indicate the level of opportunity. If you go by the temperature of stars, yellow cells can be moderately hot targets and blue cells can be very hot targets.


8. Click on the table header to filter the highlighted rows to the top of the table.


9. Work on taking action with the highlighted opportunities. When an action is taken, write a note and change the highlighted color to gray. If it turns into a link, change the color to green (or use your own color scheme).

10. Create a Google Doc and keep track of your link wins over time. Seeing your list of links grow can keep the motivation going.


Make the Most Out of Your Business WordPress Site

We all know having a website for your business is crucial if you’re going to stay relevant to your customers. Unfortunately, a lot of small business websites are less than stellar. I would argue that having a bad site can be even more damaging than not having a site at all, because a site with bad content and terrible design can project a negative image of your business. For business owners, setting up a website might seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be.

WordPress is one of several services that makes setting up a website for your business completely doable. WordPress has tons of tools and resources available to get your site going, but it can be confusing to navigate the myriad of features if you aren’t familiar with them. We’ve compiled a series of steps to get you started on your business’ WordPress site. For more WordPress help, refer to the guide below, created by Simply Business.

Click image to open interactive version (via Simply Business).

Decide on Your Domain Name
Your domain name is the name of your website (i.e. Selecting a domain name can be very straight forward, but there are several tips you need to take into consideration:

  • Brainstorm keywords: Think of keywords people might use in their searches to find your business. Will people be looking for “local widgets,” or “high quality widgets”? Brainstorming a list of several keywords can help you get a list of possible words for your domain name going.
  • Keep it unique: If you’ve come up with several possible domain names, do a thorough Google search for those domain names. If they already exist, come up with something different. You don’t want to have a domain name that’s similar to another site, as that will likely cause a lot of confusion.
  • Keep it simple: Your site will be much more successful if your domain name is short, simple, and easy to remember. Keep all words relevant to your purpose, and change any longer words. Your site will likely be spread by word-of-mouth much more often if your name is easy to remember and simple.

Don’t let the technicalities of hosting scare you off; it’s actually easier than it sounds. A web hosting service allows your website to be available online. There are several types of web hosts available: free, shared, VPS, dedicated servers, and managed WordPress hosting. The hosting service you choose will be based on your needs, and there are plenty of resources that can help you evaluate your website needs.

WordPress recommends three hosting services, all of which would be a great starting point for WordPress beginners.

  • Bluehost offers unlimited disk storage, unlimited monthly data transfer, unlimited domains on one account, one free domain name, control panel, SimpleScripts, and mirrored storage backups.
  • Dreamhost offers WordPress 1-click install, auto-updates, unlimited hosted domains, a free domain name, unlimited disk space, bandwidth, MySQL databases, and email addresses.
  • Laughing Squid is a smaller, local service that focuses on small business and quality service.

Learning Plugins
There are literally thousands of WordPress plugins that you can use to extend the usability of your site. Plugins provide extra “features,” like Google maps, social share buttons, search bar, contact forms, or a calculator. Obviously you don’t need the majority of plugins that are out there, but there are plugins specific for business websites that can help you and your customers make the most out of your site.

You can install your plugin from your admin panel within WordPress, under the “appearance” bar. You can simply search for your plugin, and click “activate.” Plugins are great features, but don’t get carried away by using too many. Install the ones you believe will benefit you and your customers most, but pass on ones you won’t use.

Some recommended WordPress plugins:

  • All in One SEO Pack: This plugin makes it really easy to customize your title tags and meta descriptions for the pages on your WordPress site so they are better optimized for search engines.
  • Tweet & Like: This is one of the many plugins available to help you add buttons on your site to make it easy for people to Facebook Like, Tweet, or +1 a page on your site.
  • Top 10 – Popular Posts: Tracks visits to each post and shows your most popular posts in the sidebar.
  • Yet Another Related Posts Plugin: Algorithmically recommends related posts based on the content of a post.
  • Google Analytics for WordPress: Makes it easy to connect your Google Analytics account to your WordPress Account.

Maintaining Your Site
The key to a great business website is to maintain it well. If you create an interactive community on your site, where people can ask questions, or you post articles/information, people will rely on your site for information and service. You shouldn’t simply create your site and leave it alone, but rather maintain its relevancy and design.

About the author: James Daugherty is Seattle based blogger focused on marketing and social media.

Modern Media Icon image from Shutterstock.

4 Ways to Use Email Marketing to Boost Holiday Sales

The holidays present wonderful opportunities to email marketers. They give you another reason to connect with your subscribers at a time when offers and the promise of savings are more enticing than ever. If you have a product or service to promote, they can be an integral part of the strategy that helps you generate more sales.

The intimacy, immediacy, and proven impact of email makes it the ideal tool to couple with your holiday marketing initiatives. However, making an impact you can be proud of is easier said than done. Incorporate these tips in your strategy, and you will be well on your way to increasing your sales during the holiday season.

1. Divide and Conquer Your List

Segmentation is a vital part of email marketing success. It is even more important when you are trying to get attention in the midst of a busy and competitive holiday. Segmentation is all about dividing your email list into smaller lists that contain groups of subscribers with similar needs, preferences, and tendencies. Here are some ideal segments to target with your holiday marketing efforts:

  • Big spenders
  • Budget spenders
  • Male spenders
  • Female spenders
  • Spenders shopping for children

The point is targeting these groups with content that is most likely to get them to take action. So whether it’s sending special offers to your local customers or treating new subscribers to something nice, identify the segments within your list and treat them to exclusive email experiences.

2. Make Your Subject Lines Count

If there is one thing you take from this article, it needs to be the importance of composing compelling subject lines. Whether it’s Thanksgiving or Christmas, email activity is sure to increase around a holiday. The very same subscribers you are trying to convince to buy your product or service will be under the same pressure by legions of other email marketers. Whether directly or indirectly, this is the competition you must content with.

So how do you make your subject lines stand out? Treat them like headlines that sum up what your message is all about. If you are giving away offers or discounts, let the subscriber know that savings are waiting for them on the other side.

3. Optimize Your Landing Pages

Convincing subscribers to open your message is good. Getting them to click a link is even better. Both are feats to be proud of, but opens and clicks don’t automatically translate to sales. Once the subscriber clicks through, you need to make sure they are arriving at a destination that is specifically designed to convert. In most cases, that destination will be a landing page.

An optimal landing page helps complete a seamless transition from the inbox to your website. More importantly, it should be consistent, meaning it serves as a follow-up to the content the reader saw in their email. So if you promoted web design services in your message, don’t try to sell them cloud storage space once they get to your landing page. Last but not least, it must provide an easy way to purchase whatever you’re selling. Fail to keep these points in mind and you will probably lose that sale.

4. Prepare for the Post-Holiday Rush

Even after the holidays have come and gone, there are still plenty of opportunities to be had. People are out returning gifts, making exchanges, and making new purchases with the credits on their gift cards. If you truly want to end things on a high note, you will make sure your email marketing strategy is ready to go into overtime.

Send out emails that outline your return policy in crystal clear clarity. Many consumers will be on the hunt for the annual post-holiday deals, so if you’re still running sales during that time, make sure your subscribers know how to take advantage. You can put a pretty little bow on your email campaigns and wrap things up early, or you can milk the holiday season for all its worth. If boosting sales is your goal, the latter is probably more your speed.

Business is sure to boom during the holiday season. But it isn’t just the big three (Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s), holidays in general are primed for marketing. Are you ready to seize the moment? Hopefully so because it is very possible to grow both your business and your sales with a little planning and sound execution.

What methods are driving your email marketing strategy for the holidays? Don’t be a scrooge. Share some knowledge with the rest of us.

Aidan Hijleh is a freelance copywriter and serves as the Non-Profit Partnership Liaison for Benchmark Email. Aidan advocates free email marketing services to assist with the flourishing of grassroots organizations.

6 Ways to Locate Guest Post Opportunities

Guest blogging is an effective way to increase your online visibility by getting in front of new audiences and earning authoritative links back to your site. When used right it can increase traffic through referrals and improved search engine rankings. However, be careful to avoid the trap of wasting time on sites that are off-topic or are low quality as this may produce weak results or even hurt you as Google continues to penalize sites that use low quality link acquisition tactics.

Here are some tips for finding good guest post opportunities to spend your time on:

1. Search Google for Known Authors

If you come across a guest post by someone in your niche, search for the author’s name in Google in quotations + guest post. This can reveal sites where the author has contributed guest articles and are likely sites that are willing to accept guest article submissions. You can record these opportunities in a Google Document if you want to pursue them later.

2. Search Keywords in Google Blog Search

Google Blog Search is an excellent way to search the blogosphere for targeted blogs. By filtering out most non-blogs, it is easier to find the blogs you are looking for that have recently accepted guest contributions.

3. Find Lists of Blogs in Your Niche

Searching Google for “top ______ blogs” can return some curated lists of blogs in your niche that may accept guest posts. It can be helpful to start reading these blogs regularly and leaving comments that add value before pitching them on your idea. is an excellent source for lists of top blogs in almost every category you can think of.

4. Use MyBlogGuest

MyBlogGuest is a forum that also has a gallery where you can post your articles so that bloggers can offer to publish them. Bloggers who are looking for free content will post guest post opportunities to the forum. In my experience there are a lot of low quality sites that you must filter through but you can also find some gems.

5. Develop Relationships in Social Media

Followerwonk is an excellent tool for searching Twitter bios for a keyword and can help you find people in your niche to follow. Engaging with key influencers can develop relationships that can lead to positive things like guest blogging invitations. Retweeting someone or commenting on a blog article they wrote can help get on a successful blogger’s radar.

6. Outsource Guest Post Prospecting

If you work with freelance writers, you could request that they also research guest post opportunities. Another option is to hire virtual assistants from the Philippines to research opportunities and record them in a shared Google document. is a good resource for finding virtual assistants in the Philippines. The cost varies on the individual but the average is around $500 per month for a full time VA. The drawback is that Filipino VAs may require a lot of training up front to get up to speed.

Charles Sipe is an online marketing specialist from Seattle, Washington and the executive editor of Cool Marketing Stuff. You can follow him on Twitter at @charlessipe.

9 Resources for Writing Great Blog Headlines

Having a great headline can make the difference between an article that gets thousands of interested readers and an article that is read less than an academic journal article (estimated at an average of 7 readers). The following articles provide great tips and advice for writing great headlines for the Web.

Blogging by Numbers: How to Create Headlines That Get Retweeted Four Hour Work Week
-Coming up with good headlines is an art.
-Focus on an obsession that makes you a little bit weird to come up with topics.
-Seth Godin uses “The Difference Between __ and ___.”

Are Your Titles Irresistibly Click Worthy & Viral?! SEOMoz
-Don’t set the wrong expectation in the title.
-Provide a clear benefit.

7 Sneaky Ways to Write Irresistible Headlines Jonathan Fields
-Adding numbers makes the title more concrete.
-Write headlines that assume that the reader is experiencing something.

10 Sure-Fire Headline Formulas That Work Copyblogger
-Use the “Secret of ___” and share insider knowledge.
-Here’s a Quick Way to ___.
-Get Rid of ____ Once and For All, helps readers solve a pain point.

How to Craft Kick-Ass Titles & Headlines SEOBook
-Self interest usually trumps curiosity.

Headsmacking Tip #21: Write Better Headlines Than Anyone Else SEOMoz
-Your goal is to provide value to your potential customers.
-A decently written article with a fantastic headline is almost like a free lunch.

Why Gawker is Writing Better Headlines Than the Rest of the Web Engage
-The headline is arguably the most important factor in your visibility online.
-Write like real people talk.

7 Reasons Why List Posts Will Always Work Copyblogger
-List headlines are a very old technique in advertising.

Writing Headlines That Get Results Copyblogger
-8 out of 10 people read the headline and only 2 out of 10 read the rest.
-David Ogilvy rewrote one ad headline over 100 times.

Headline Formulas and the Science of High-Converting Copywriting Copy Hackers
-Use proven headline formulas instead of trying to reinvent the wheel each time.
-Effective copywriting is a science.
-Apply Robert Cialdini’s principles of influence to your headlines.
-Learn to _____ without the ______.

Insider Access to Distilled's Video Marketing Guide

If you haven’t considered video marketing, have you considered this: over 800 million unique users visit YouTube each month; over 4 billion hours of video are watched each month on YouTube; 72 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute. Video is incredibly popular, and it’s crucial to take advantage of that if you’re in marketing, small business, or blogging.

Why You Should Use Video

Video has several clear advantages over text: improved user engagement, personable branding, and SEO benefits.

Improved User Engagement

Watching video is a passive experience. When users press “play,” they are asking to be shown something, asking to be given the content in an integrated, multi-disciplinary form rather than exploring the meaning themselves.

Video, therefore, is a different way of engaging audiences. With video, the experience of comprehension is more immediate. The amount of information that can be displayed through one second of video vastly outnumbers the amount of information can be read.

Personable Branding

Video allows users to experience a more realistic face-to-face experience, as video allows the communication of body language, tone of voice, and facial expressions. For branding, this is extremely important, as it creates a sense of trust and loyalty, more so than through image, audio, and text.

SEO Benefits

There are two main SEO benefits that using video can provide: link building and conversion improvement.

  • Links are still the main way in which search engines determine the authority, or popularity, of a site.
  • A link is counted as a “vote,” and the more votes a site has, the more the search engines consider it authoritative. People link more to pages with video, and embed video on their pages more.
  • Through increasing engagement and trust, video content can be a great way of driving greater conversions, particularly on commercial pages.

Distilled wants everyone to be capable of creating great marketing video, which is why we’re giving Cool Marketing Stuff readers insider access to Distilled’s video marketing guide. We want Cool Marketing Stuff readers to know how to implement successful, relevant, and effective videos on your websites.

Our guide comes in a convenient downloadable PDF, so you can access it now and save it for later. We cover the creative process of video, types of content that work best in video format, and the technical implementation techniques you need to know. Click on the downloadable PDF below, and check out Distilled’s website for more resources and information.

James Daugherty is the Outreach Coordinator for Distilled.

29 Useful Resources for Learning About Guest Posting

Writing guest posts on top blogs in your industry can be a great way to build awareness of your business by getting in front of new audiences, earn a link to your site, and get referral traffic. The following articles provide helpful information on how to effectively approach guest posting as a marketing tactic.

The Ultimate Guide to Guest Blogging Kiss Metrics
-Review the type of people who have published guest posts on the site before.
-Your guest post should be similar in style to previously published guest posts.
-Share articles from the site on Twitter before you pitch a guest post so you are not a stranger.

5 Jaw Dropping Tips for Guest Posting Success Point Blank SEO
-If a blog owner asked for payment, explain that the article costs $120 to write and if they can waive the fee.
-Using a well written email template can be effective.

The Ultimate Guest Blogger’s Guide for 2013 Search Engine Journal
-Consider hiring a professional writer.
-Be willing to give away your best content as guest posts.

6 Signs That Site Isn’t Worthy of Your Guest Post Small Business Trends
-Avoid sites with infrequent content updates.

The Definitive Guide to Guest Blogging Backlinko
-Reverse engineer your competitors on the first page of Google to find niche guest posting opportunities.
-Reach out to people who leave a positive comment on your blog and pitch a guest post.

Getting Started With Guest Posting (Video) SEOMoz
-Search Google for “guest author”, “guest contributor”, “guest post”, etc.
-Search for a guest poster’s name in double quotes to see sites that they have guest posted for.

A Guest Posting Process Distilled
-Buzzstream is a useful paid link building relationship manager.
-Be upfront with your intentions so you don’t waste their time.
-This article provides a good email template for outreach.

How to Evaluate Guest Post Opportunities SEOMoz
-Look for sites with signs of integrity. You don’t want sites that will sell links.
-Google could eventually filter out low quality guest posts.

Will Pitching Guest Posts Be The Death of Marketers? Search Engine Land
-Using a company email address can increase credibility.
-Don’t be afraid to follow up in about a week after the initial request.

Putting Guest Post Outreach Theories to the Test [With Some Real World Data] SEOMoz
-Following up a second or third time resulted in 30% of the successful outcomes.

Power Guest Posting for SEO Search Engine Watch
-Don’t waste time writing guest posts on blogs that few people read.
-Follow the trail of other guest posters (search for their name in Google).
-Don’t write the articles in advance and try to shop them around as it comes across as desperate.

How Guest Posting Propelled One Site From 0 to 100,000 Customers Search Engine Watch
-Relationships are the most valuable thing you get out of guest posting.
-Provide links to examples of your guest posts in your pitch.
-Copy the structure of other successful posts in your niche.

15 Bite-Size Tips For Getting Your Guest Posts Accepted Almost Every Time SocialMouths
-Read past articles and guest posts to see what type of content the site owner wants.
-Provide your idea for the topic of your guest post in your pitch.

The Power of Guest Blogging John Doherty
-Accepting guest posts on your site can be a good way to build relationships.

10 Incentives to Increase Your Guest Post Acceptance Rate [Outreach Examples] Stoked SEO
-Offer to match the blogger’s donation to a charity.
-Offer free swag (like t-shirts) as a thank you.

Guest Blogging? Exercise Caution! Dejan SEO
-Link out to other sites liberally in your guest posts.
-Keep an eye on past guest posts to make sure the site doesn’t start selling links.
-Avoid low quality sites that lack purpose, identity, and social signals.

5 Tips For Getting The Most From Your Guest Blogging Slingshot SEO
-Send your guest post outreach from your company email account.
-Make sure to participate in the comments to your guest post.

7 Surefire Tips for Courting A Guest Blog Post Marketing Tech Blog
-Work on developing a long term relationship with sites that you guest post on.

Guest Blogging as a Future-Proof Marketing and Linkbuilding Strategy SEOGadget
-Look for guest post opportunities that your competitors can not take advantage of.
-Provide the topic of your proposed guest post in your pitch.
-Consider avoiding sites that only publish guest posts.

5 Important Post-Penguin Guest Post Prospecting Questions Search Engine Journal
-Look for sites that focus content on a single topic.
-Avoid sites with an overwhelming amount of adds.
-Look for sites that are well connected on social media.

Could Guest Posting Be Dead? Search Engine Journal
-Matt Cutts says to avoid spinning guest posts or doing the bare minimum.
-Matt Cutts said to avoid taking it to extremes like outsourcing a lot of articles to crank out links.

Write a Guest Post for I Will Teach You To Be Rich I Will Teach You To Be Rich
-Include writing samples in your pitch like guest posts you have previously written.
-Make it easy for the publisher to post your article. (Example: put the article in HTML format)

Rules for Guest Posting: Guidelines & Best Practices Geoff Kenyon
-Link out to helpful resources in your guest post.
-Only the first link to a page passes Page Rank.
-Use exact match anchor text with caution.

Taking Another Look at Guest Blogging and Outreach Search Engine Watch
-Google doesn’t like any manufactured links.
-Be aware that quality blogs are inundated with poor guest post pitch emails.
-If someone asks for money to publish your guest post, it would be smart to get the link no-followed.

The Stalker’s Guide to Highly Effective Guest Posting Shopify
-Leave high quality comments on blogs you want to contribute to.
-Provide three ideas for your guest post in your pitch.

The Ultimate Guide to Advanced Guest Blogging SEOMoz
-Sites with few or no previous guest posts are more valuable opportunities.
-Avoid blogs that will publish anything or don’t publish their own content.
-Write articles about keywords the site already ranks well for (your post will be more likely to rank well).

Guest Blog Where You Don’t Belong: Find Links From Outside Your Niche Northside SEO
-Links from outside your niche are helpful if they are from authoritative sites.
-Aim for a natural link in the content or one branded link in the author bio.

37 Mind Blowing Secrets About Guest Blog Posts Search Engine Journal
-A catchy headline is a key to getting your guest article accepted.

Creative Commons photo by Emi Yañez

70+ Helpful Link Building Resources and Articles

Earning quality links to your site is a primary factor in your site’s rankings in search engines and it is also one of the greatest challenges in online marketing. Just as building a better mousetrap will not necessarily get you customers, building a remarkable and useful piece of content may not earn you links unless you are proactive in promoting it. This list contains resources and articles that provide great tactics and tips for building links to your site and my top takeaways from each article (page metrics pulled from Open Site Explorer).

Link Building Strategies – The Complete List Point Blank SEO
-You can earn a lot of links from live blogging at industry events.
-People tend to share and link to useful tools.
-Create a webinar page on your site and post webinars to it.
twitter 1909 gplus 1514 ose 410 t=3833

101 Ways to Build Link Popularity SEOBook
-Create a list of gurus or experts.
-Stay away from link trading networks.
-Only pursue link exchanges that you would pursue if search engines didn’t exist.
twitter 770 gplus 410 ose 754 t=1934

The Most Creative Link Building Post Ever Point Blank SEO
-Create an extensive resource that would be worth paying for.
-Offer a free quick SEO audit to help the site grow traffic.
twitter 748 gplus 552 ose 131 t=1431

131 (Legitimate) Link Building Strategies Search Engine Watch
-Produce different types of content like a video, podcast, or infographic.
-Consider pitching a series of guest posts.
twitter 691 gplus 257 ose 133 t=1081

20 Resources To Add To Your Link Tool Arsenal Right Now Search Engine Land
-Citation Labs will find contact emails from a list of URLs.
twitter 654 gplus 245 ose 18 t=917

Link Building Means Earning “Hard Links” Not “Easy Links” Search Engine Land
-Avoid getting links that anyone can get.
-Pursue links that people might click on to visit your site.
twitter 292 gplus 474 ose 126 t=892

32 White Hat Ways to Build Inbound Links Hubspot
-Volunteer to be part of a case study for vendors.
-Write a book review as the author may link to it.
-Make friends with webmasters offline.
twitter 576 gplus 132 ose 55 t=763

SEO Guide to Creating Viral Linkbait and Infographics Distilled
-Build a persona of why potential link prospects might look like.
-Link bait should be incredibly compelling content that link prospects feel compelled to share.
-Short succinct emails win.
twitter 0 gplus 528 ose 180 t=708

11 Creative Ways to Build Links Quicksprout
-Interview industry experts since they will often link back to their interview.
-Create a quiz with an embeddable badge that shows the quiz taker’s score.
twitter 460 gplus 128 ose 30 t=618

The Noob Guide to Link Building SEOMoz
-Sites with unnatural link profiles leaves a footprint that Google can identify.
-You need to create content that people will be compelled to link to. Make news or make friends.
twitter 2 gplus 392 ose 108 t=502

How to Really Build Backlinks and Dominate Google Viperchill
-There are tons of sites that feature beautiful site designs.
-Be cautious with link exchanges.
twitter 323 gplus 87 ose 86 t=496

21 Link Builders Share Advanced Link Building Queries Search Engine Land
-“keyword phrase” sponsor charity
-“public library” “useful links” keyword phrase
-keyword phrase “write for us”
twitter 366 gplus 28 ose 101 t=495

The Second Most Creative Link Building Post Ever Point Blank SEO
-Make people feel important like LinkedIn’s top 1% of profiles.
-Interview authors on a podcast when they have a book coming out.
-Create an embed box within an embed box for your infographics to create a force multiplier.
twitter 303 gplus 156 ose 33 t=492

The Advanced Guide to Link Building Quicksprout
-Create industry specific scholarships to get links on .edu scholarship pages.
-Find .edu local resource pages that list local businesses and request to be added.
-Search Google for older pages since they are more likely to have broken links.
-Use to check an entire site for broken links.
twitter 221 gplus 198 ose 52 t=471

Egobait: How to Get Links & Exposure in a Variety of Verticals Search Engine Watch
-Create a page with 10 sites, set up a simple polling system like, then have the site owners ask their readers to vote for them.
twitter 358 gplus 63 ose 12 t=433

22 Link Building Tips from @xightph Kaiser the Sage
-Build relationships with publishers by leaving comments.
-Invite authority bloggers to write for your site (they often reference their own articles).
-Use the Outdated Content Finder tool and help webmasters update their old content.
twitter 304 gplus 98 ose 20 t=422

How To Be More Persuasive – Psychology 101 for Link Builders Triple SEO
-Point out common interests with the person you are reaching out to.
-We have have a strong tendency to be consistent with our past actions.
-The more exposure you have to someone, the more inclined you are to like them.
twitter 315 gplus 88 ose 17 t=420

Content Based Outreach for Link Building Outspoken Media
-Websites don’t give links, people give links.
-Develop personas of the audience you want to earn links from.
twitter 309 gplus 41 ose 66 t=416

10 Ways to Increase the Odds of Getting Editorial Links Search Engine Watch
-If you are mentioned but they don’t link, you can suggest that they mention where readers can find the original source.
-Provide a regularly updated list of useful information. Example: maintains a list of free parking spots in Hawaii.
twitter 360 gplus 35 ose 14 t=409

7 Uncommon and Powerful Link Building Techniques Search Engine Journal
-Hire an influential blogger to write for your site.
-Publish an eBook on the Amazon or Barnes and Noble marketplace.
-Offer a free service to influencers.
twitter 292 gplus 81 ose 30 t=403

15 Best Link Building Tools Search Engine Journal
-You can use Amazon Mechanical Turk to inexpensively hire people to work on link building tasks.
twitter 322 gplus 46 ose 28 t=396

The Marketer’s Ultimate Guide to Link Bait HubSpot
-Blog articles with infographics (even third party) attracted 178% more inbound links and 72% more views than other posts on Hubspot.
-Publish original data.
-Be the first to produce comprehensive content on a trending topic, e.g. The Marketer’s Guide to Pinterest.
twitter 299 gplus 71 ose 23 t=393

A Linkbuilder’s Gmail Productivity Setup (with Outreach Emails from 4 Industry Linkbuilders) SEOMoz
-Use Gmail keyboard shortcuts to save time.
-Customize your guest post ideas for each site you contact.
-Use the Canned Responses feature in Gmail.
twitter 9 gplus 277 ose 65 t=351

51 Essential Link Building Tips Econsultancy
-A lot of people have blogs and have an ongoing need for content which you can fulfill with guest articles.
-Live blog and take photos at conferences you attend.
-Conduct a survey that will be newsworthy.
twitter 319 gplus 12 ose 15 t=346

33 Links & How To Get Them Justin Briggs
-Go beyond a sponsorship and get involved in a worthy cause.
-Give a news publisher a scoop so they can be the first to report news about your company.
-If you are covered by a major blog, you can use Stumbleupon ads to boost the article to the homepage.
twitter 221 gplus 85 ose 36 t=342

Link Building with the Experts – 2013 Edition SugarRae
-The search engineers don’t want to penalize legitimate activities.
twitter 16 gplus 290 ose 33 t=339

Link Building Through Outreach and Content Refreshing Search Engine Journal
-A good rule of thumb is the harder a link is to attain, the more valuable it will be.
-Bloggers are used to poor pitches.
-Most webmasters of large sites can’t keep up with all their outbound links.
twitter 272 gplus 41 ose 19 t=332

101 Ways to Link Build in 2012 Search Engine Journal
-Create a useful online tool.
-People love to share list posts.
twitter 78 gplus 192 ose 32 t=302

Link Building Tools We Use at Distilled SEOMoz
-Zemanta recommends your content to relevant bloggers.
-MyBlogGuest is a good forum for finding guest blogging opportunities.
-Chrome Web Scraper is a good free Chrome extension for pulling data from websites for download into Excel.
twitter 20 gplus 233 ose 44 t=297

Creative Link Building for Ecommerce Sites SEOMoz
-Offer a special discount on a page on your site and let bloggers know about it.
twitter 4 gplus 232 ose 56 t=292

Bullet Proof Link Building Strategies For 2013 — The Experts Weigh In Vysibility
-Help webmasters with things like spelling or site errors.
-Provide high quality and unique images. It is easy to get links when people use your images.
-Broken link building is one the last scalable link building techniques.
-Make apps that deliver value.
-Hop on the phone so you are seen as a real person.
twitter 171 gplus 79 ose 12 t=262

The 6 Month Link Building Plan for an Established Website SEOMoz
-Social media and link building are becoming more intertwined.
-Large companies often have lots of great content that can be repurposed.
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11 SEO Experts Share Actionable Link Building Tips
-Create evergreen content that is useful, actionable, and solves common problems.
-Look at your competitor’s Google Plus profile contributor section to find sites they have written guest posts for.
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10 Ways to Use Images for Link Building Kaiser The Sage
-Consider hiring professional photographers and offering premium photos to bloggers for free.
-Create an image meme with a tool like QuickMeme.
twitter 113 gplus 75 ose 50 t=238

Please Exit The Link Building Ross Hudgens
-Think about link building strategies that scale rather than focus on just manual link prospecting.
twitter 190 gplus 12 ose 35 t=237

Culture Building: 8 Local Link Building Tactics Beyond Business Listings Whitespark
-Take professional photos of your city and submit them to sites that feature photos of your city (these sites can be found by searching for “your-city + photos” in Google).
twitter 123 gplus 93 ose 16 t=232

Utilizing Second Tier Link Building for Massive ROI Ross Hudgens
-Consider building links to authoritative pages that link to you like Mashable.
twitter 103 gplus 85 ose 43 t=231

The Complete Guide to Link Building With Local Events SEOMoz
-Submit your events to the event section of local news websites.
twitter 17 gplus 104 ose 76 t=197

10 Types of Unnatural Link Building Tactics + 10 Quality Alternatives Search Engine Journal
-Focus on directories that are not easy to get into.
-Avoiding no-follow links can result in an unnatural link profile.
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62 steps to the definitive link building campaign Wordtracker
-Create a free useful tool.
-Create downloadable guides or white papers.
twitter 4 gplus 159 ose 12 t=175

Link Building for the Little Guys SEOMoz
-Create a weekly roundup that highlights interesting blog articles then reach out to the authors.
twitter 1 gplus 132 ose 35 t=168

How to Get Backlinks With Guestographics Backlinko
-Great content + outreach + added value = links.
-Offer to write a mini guest post to compliment the infographic so you provide value to the site owner.
-The link in the mini guest post is more future-proof because it is contextual.
twitter 93 gplus 54 ose 17 t=164

Creative Broken Link Building Tips with Jon Cooper SEOBook
-Find links to content that has been removed. Use to find out what the content looked like and rebuild it. Then contact sites that are linking to the removed content and ask for them to link to the updated content that you created.
twitter 67 gplus 58 ose 36 t=161

8 Tips To Increase Your Link Building Efficiency Search Engine Land
-Boomerang provides reminders if you haven’t heard back from a contact after a certain amount of time so that you can follow up with them.
twitter 59 gplus 85 ose 8 t=152

How to Automate Link Building Kaiser the Sage
-Ranking highly for informational searches can help you earn links naturally.
-Invite people with a large following to contribute to your blog.
twitter 90 gplus 36 ose 14 t=140

10 Extraordinary Examples of Effective Link Bait SEOMoz
-People love lists. Make it visually appealing and use social share buttons.
twitter 7 gplus 72 ose 59 t=138

Link Building 101 – The Almost Complete Link Guide (Updated for Post-Penguin) SEOMoz
-Most ranking factors are external sources like links, citations, and social.
-The safest links are within the content section of a page (not sidebars or footer).
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9 High Quality Link Building Methods in 2011 Affilorama
-Sign up for Help a Reporter Out so you can find opportunities to help a journalist with a story.
twitter 84 gplus 30 ose 11 t=125

Effective & Long-term Link Building for Niche Sites with Jon Cooper The Smart Passive Income Blog
-Focus on niche directories. Most general directories are not worth it.
-Never say “link” in your outreach emails.
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99 Ways to Build Links by Giving Stuff Away (and Improve Your Brand Too) Moz
-Organize a flash mob and invite the press.
-Develop a plugin and give it away.
-Build a free online tool.
-Buy someone dinner or a beer.
twitter 1 gplus 48 ose 45 t=94

Using Copyscape for Easy Links Wins Seer Interactive
-Copyscape premium helps you identify sites that have republished your content and you can ask them to please add a link to give you credit.
twitter 45 gplus 34 ose 14 t=93

Link-building Tips and Tools for Bloggers in a Post-Panda and Penguin World Problogger
-Provide valuable comments on a blog before pitching a guest post.
twitter 45 gplus 24 ose 19 t=88

7 Strategies for Getting .edu Links Portent
-Colleges often link out to relevant scholarships that are offered by companies.
-College career centers sometimes link to companies that have recently hired students.
-Many colleges have job boards where you can post a job and earn a link.
twitter 31 gplus 37 ose 17 t=85

Improving Link Building Response Rates With Persuasive Psychology Buzzstream
-Mention the number of social shares your last guest post received when pitching a guest post.
-Highlight things you have in common with the author.
twitter 43 gplus 30 ose 11 t=84

10 High Quality Link Building Tactics Buzzstream
-Sign up your office for volunteer events with local charities.
-Create a survey of thought leaders or business owners.
twitter 40 gplus 30 ose 11 t=81

Bucketing Link Prospects for Link Outreach John Doherty
-High value link targets are pitched every day so you have to make a compelling case and/or build a relationship.
-Set up a Google Alert for the name of a high value link target.
-Don’t ever spin content for guest posts.
twitter 50 gplus 22 ose 7 t=79

You Can get Links from Cold Outreach TripleSEO
-Create an information gap that creates a desire for the person to find the answer.
-Don’t include the link in the first email you send to a contact.
twitter 47 gplus 21 ose 11 t=79

How to Scale Your Link Building Ross Hudgens
-Develop evergreen linkable assets that continue to earn links passively over time.
-Your linkable asset should appeal to a large target audience.
-The more you practice a specific tactic, the more effective you can become.
twitter 43 gplus 18 ose 11 t=72

9 Must Have Tools for Hardcore Link Builders SEMRush
-Use Amazon Mechanical Turk to find contact information for a long list of prospects.
-Use Boomerang to schedule outreach emails at an optimal time (like after lunch).
twitter 56 gplus 12 ose 3 t=71

11 Experts on Link Development Speak Out SugarRae
-If you have pages that have a lot of inbound links, use anchor text internal links to send link juice to important pages.
-It is easier to move from #6 to #2 than rank for a new keyword phrase.
-Ignore the toolbar Page Rank meter.
-Vary everything you can with manual link building to make pattern detection as difficult as possible.
twitter 0 gplus 1 ose 69 t=70

The Professional Guide to Link Building SEOMoz
-Build relationships with other blogs in your niche.
-Linking to spammy sites can lower your site’s trust to search engines.
-Google wants links to be an editorial endorsement by the site owner.
twitter 4 gplus 17 ose 47 t=68

What Makes an Effective Link Builder SEOMoz
-Read Reddit and Hacker News regularly.
-Link builders with hustle can beat out those with more talent and resources.
twitter 2 gplus 19 ose 35 t=56

Infographic Link Building Using BuzzStream Paddy Moogan
-Search for competitor’s infographics in Google Image search.
-Search for backlinks to your competitor’s infographic URL in Open Site Explorer.
twitter 31 gplus 6 ose 9 t=46

Link Building The Essentials Distilled
-Links are still the biggest factor of SEO. They are a key difference between websites that can be measured by Google.
-Google crawl frequency correlates with the Pagerank of the page.
twitter 0 gplus 34 ose 10 t=44

Broken Link Building: How Napoleon Suarez Gets 8-12% Conversions Citation Labs
-Many people don’t realize how effective broken link building is.
twitter 23 gplus 11 ose 7 t=41

30 Advanced Link Building Techniques Single Grain
-Produce high quality photos and license them under Creative Commons so bloggers can use them.
-Offer to update outdated information on sites in return for a link.
twitter 11 gplus 10 ose 17 t=38

Scaling Link Building (video) SEOMoz
-You can offer perks that are inexpensive but provide great value to employees.
-Outsourcing content can be effective but it is difficult to outsource outreach.
twitter 0 gplus 0 ose 25 t=25

5 Ways to Increase your Link Building Efficiency State of Search
-Use the Check My Links extension for Chrome to quickly find broken links on a page.
-Don’t ask for a link, ask for feedback and then show them that you took their advice.
twitter 0 gplus 11 ose 10 t=21

30 Link Building/Link Baiting Techniques That Work in 2011 SEOptimise
-Offer freebies to attract links.
-Leave comments to suggest a resource that should be included in the article.
twitter 0 gplus 2 ose 19 t=21

The 3 Link Building Tools I Always Use (And How I use Them) State of Search
-Google advanced search queries are great for finding link opportunities.
-Export Twitter accounts from FollowerWonk into Excel and filter for accounts with a website.
twitter 0 gplus 14 ose 5 t=19

11 Ways to Create Linkbait with Zero Budget Skyrocket SEO
-Curate a collection of tips from experts in your industry.
-Create ego bait that strokes the ego of people in your industry.
-Create a world class beginner’s guide for your niche.
twitter 1 gplus 10 ose 4 t=15

7 Pieces of Sound Advice for Link Building Noobs SEOGadget
-Personalize your email outreach.
-A high quantity of linking domains and a low Page Rank may indicate a poor quality link profile.
twitter 0 gplus 3 ose 4 t=7

Link Building using old competitor sites & easy content development for SEO (Video) Wil Reynolds
-Look at sites that have given up and recreate their resources to get their links.
twitter 2 gplus 1 ose 3 t=6

51 Whitehat Backlink Building Methods Northcutt SEO
-Ask someone with a resource list to provide feedback about your resource.
-Hire a micro-celebrity to write for your blog.
-Exchange links with your business partners.
twitter 2 gplus 1 ose 3 t=6

37 Experts Share Their Most Actionable Link Building Tip Digital Philippines
-Create small embeddable visual assets like interesting charts (example: OK Cupid Response Rate by Race).
-Sell a silly product (example: The Zuckerberg Selfie Stick)
-Create a comic about your industry and release it under a Creative Commons license (example: Digital Rockstars comic).

31 Link Building Tactics Discovered From Competitive Analysis Moz
-Consider sponsoring a podcast.

You’re Not Ready for Link Building Without Linkable Assets The Upper Ranks
-Create useful and valuable content on your site to make it easier to get links.

Rapid Fire Link Building Strategies Seer Interactive

-Export sites that have commented on your blog into a spreadsheet since they are good link prospects.
-Search Follower Wonk for writers of online publications like Huffington Post that cover your niche.

8 Link Building Tips SEOMoz

-Ask people who tweet your infographic if they can link to it.
-Search for blogging Amazon Wish List and send them a gift.
-Create a profile page on your company site for people who get interviewed by news sites.

Outreach for Linkbuilding SEOMoz


-Being enthusiastic is more important than being unique for outreach.
-Forums are where people who are passionate about a niche hang out.
-Don’t just track links, track relationships.

Scalable Link Building Using Social Media SEOMoz


-Send email requests as a person, not as a company.
-Use a short email subject that stands out.
-Use a natural salutation (this is often seen in the email preview).
-Create a contest where people enter by writing a blog post and linking to you.

High-Value Tactics, Future-Proof Link Building SEOMoz

-Pursue links where you don’t have control over the anchor text.
-Use press releases to draw attention to your linkable asset.
-Include a link in the content of guest posts that points to your linkable asset.

5 Things Internet Marketers Can Learn From Red Bull's Website

While each company and their audience are different, Red Bull, a leading maker of energy drinks, has plenty to teach Internet marketers. The company’s website does plenty to promote its product, yet does it not so directly but rather by catering to the company’s audience.

Below are five things Internet marketers can learn from Red Bull’s website.

1. Be Where Your Audience Is

Red Bull knows that its audience is largely made up of teenagers and young adults, which are predominantly male. Red Bull does their best to target their consumers through the various features on their website. They pack their site with material that is in line with that audience’s interests so that the pages will be viewed and the company’s message received.

This is perhaps the most important thing that marketers can learn from Red Bull’s website. If you want to attract people’s attention online, don’t be boring. Do more than just talk about the benefits of your product or service. Use visuals, video, and humor where appropriate, to engage and garner the interest of your customers.

2. Engaging Videos

There is nothing like a cool video to capture people’s attention. The more interesting the video, the more likely it will be shared and others will be referred to the original site. Red Bull posts videos that people are likely to want to watch. Sometimes they feature extreme sports, sometimes outrageous ones, and more often than not, they include something funny. Most of this ties in to marketing to the company’s customers.

3. Targeting Young Males

Many of the videos that appear on the Red Bull Website feature things that interest young males, which most companies–especially ones like Red Bull–will include as their biggest demographic. On Red Bull’s home page, you can find information on skateboarding, racecars, and BMXing. These topics have all to do with Red Bull’s target audience and what they are interested in.

Young men are more willing to splurge on not-so-necessary goods and more likely to buy a product like Red Bull. Tailoring the site to a young, male audience further focuses on Red Bull’s client base. The company is doing a good job of being highly visible in places their customers are.

4. Contests and Interactive Content

Customers love to get back from the companies they frequent. It builds loyalty and gets them talking about the business. By including and sponsoring a variety of contests, whether it be build your own flying machine or inspiring a film director, Red Bull manages to find new and innovative ways of making its customers active participants with the company to keep them coming back for more.

5. Lacks Direct Promotion

Perhaps one of the most unique things about Red Bull’s website is how little in-your-face promotion of the product is actually present on the page. The site seems designed more for its entertainment value than to promote the energy drink, and yet there is never any doubt that the content is Red Bull’s.

By posting videos and other material that are likely to interest customers and still relate to the product, Red Bull has created a site that keeps people coming back without making them feel as though they have been hit over the head by heavy advertising.

This guest article was written by Ascent Internet, a St. George, Utah Internet marketing company.You can learn more about their services at

Creative Commons photo by Adam

Infographic: Google Adwords Guide

Simply Business partnered with Distilled to create this infographic on Google AdWords. If you’re a small business diving head first into PPC or someone who wants to learn more about the process this step-by-step guide will lead you through the maze of Google AdWords.

Click image to open interactive version (via Simply Business)

The infographic is broken down into three sections:

Prepare Your Campaign

  • First Steps – An introduction to Paid Search
  • Key Concepts – An overview of Google Adwords
  • Research – A complete guide to research your keywords & negative keywords

Set Up Your Account

  • Sign Up for AdWords – Sign up for Google AdWords
  • Set Up Your Campaigns – A complete walk through of the process
  • Set Up Your Ad Groups – A guide on setting up groups and articles for guidance
  • Tracking – Set up tracking for conversions, tagging, and cost data
  • Billing – The final step in setting up your AdWords account

Optimize Your Account

  • Optimization Tips – 16 articles to dive deeper into optimizing you AdWords account

Have any tips or PPC experience you’d like to share? Post them in the comments below.

About the author: James Daugherty is online marketeer living in Seattle