10 Best Marketing Podcasts of 2009

Leo Laporte, one of the leading podcasters, recently stated that his podcast network, TWiT, brings in a profit of over $1 million a year, but said that podcasting is dead. He states that podcasts are just too hard for users because of the numerous steps that it takes to listen to a podcast. You have to find the good ones, download iTunes, subscribe to them, and then sync them to your iPod or MP3 player. Well, here’s my list of the best marketing podcasts, so you can skip the first step of finding great content.

Top 10 marketing podcasts of 2009

10. Six Pixels of Separation
9. Marketing Voices
8. The Brand Show
7. Across the Sound

6. The Advertising Show
Brad Forsythe and Ray Schilens host a weekly radio show covering advertising, media, marketing, sales and customer relations. They interview a guest each week including many interesting marketers and authors.

5. Power to the Small Business
Jay Ehret interviews marketers and small business owners with a focus on small business marketing.

4. Duct Tape Marketing Podcast
John Jantsch also interviews marketers, small business owners, and authors with a focus on small business.

3. Brand Fast Trackers
Brian Martin interviews successful marketers in the trenches such as CMOs and VPs of Marketing. I like that he asks guests if they have advice for marketers who would like to get to their position.

3. Hubspot TV
Karen Rubin and Mike Volpe host this humorous and educational video podcast on internet marketing. They cover recent marketing news and useful online marketing tips.

2. Marketing Over Coffee
Chris Penn and John Wall discuss interesting marketing issues and give practical marketing tips, recorded each week from a Boston area Dunkin’ Donuts.

1. The BeanCast
The BeanCast has emerged as the This Week in Tech for the marketing world. Bob Knorpp hosts a panel of great marketing thought leaders every week.

Podcast Graveyard

Last year’s number 1 marketing podcast, Podtini had a great run of 98 podcasts, but it looks as if it has died.

Cool Business Podcasts
This Week in Startups
Entreprenurial Thought Leaders
BusinessWeek Behind This Week’s Cover Story
Venture Voice
Harvard Business School Ideacast
The Engaging Brand
The Cranky Middle Manager
Wall Street Journal This Morning
APM Marketplace

If you have any suggestions for other great marketing or business podcasts let me know in the comments.

Photo credit http://www.flickr.com/photos/tanaka/ / CC BY 2.0