39 Best Small Business Marketing Tactics

Here are 39 top small business marketing tactics that will help you acquire and retain customers. This is a evolving post so if you would like to contribute, make suggestions in the comments.

1. Create a podcast
2. Offer a free trial
3. Blog
4. Google Adwords
5. Provide remarkable customer service
6. Give something of value away
7. Use SEO to get ranked in Google
8. Find a Purple Cow
9. Give speeches
10. Join your local Rotary club or Chamber of Commerce
11. Volunteer in the community
12. Sponsor worthy causes in your community
13. Sponsor a little league team
14. Make your customers feel welcomed
15. Teach people
16. Speak in public
17. Learn your customer’s names
18. Get feedback from customers
19. Make sure your employees understand your brand
20. Get to know your customers
21. Understand your customers wants
22. Thank your customers
23. Respond quickly to emails
24. Be of service to others
25. Select employees that will represent your brand
26. Make sure the floors are spotless
27. Take care of your employees
28. Send thank you letters
29. Reward repeat customers
30. Create a “How To” YouTube video
31. Create a sense of community for customers
32. Set up a referral program
33. Sponsor local events
34. Partner with local companies and organizations
35. Get mentioned in the local paper
36. Encourage your customers to write a review on one of the local review sites like Yelp.com
37. Set up a Twitter account to post news, deals, useful information, and talk to customers.
38. Attend networking events
39. Buy banner ads in popular local blogs

Any tactics that were left off this list? Please add them below in the comments.

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  1. These are great marketing suggestions. Blogging and SEO especially are very popular marketing tactics right now.

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