Infographic: Google Adwords Guide

Simply Business partnered with Distilled to create this infographic on Google AdWords. If you’re a small business diving head first into PPC or someone who wants to learn more about the process this step-by-step guide will lead you through the maze of Google AdWords.

Click image to open interactive version (via Simply Business)

The infographic is broken down into three sections:

Prepare Your Campaign

  • First Steps – An introduction to Paid Search
  • Key Concepts – An overview of Google Adwords
  • Research – A complete guide to research your keywords & negative keywords

Set Up Your Account

  • Sign Up for AdWords – Sign up for Google AdWords
  • Set Up Your Campaigns – A complete walk through of the process
  • Set Up Your Ad Groups – A guide on setting up groups and articles for guidance
  • Tracking – Set up tracking for conversions, tagging, and cost data
  • Billing – The final step in setting up your AdWords account

Optimize Your Account

  • Optimization Tips – 16 articles to dive deeper into optimizing you AdWords account

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About the author: James Daugherty is online marketeer living in Seattle