How to Use Albacross to Generate More Leads

Albacross is a free online tool developed especially to help you track visitors to your site, so you can convert more of them to actual customers.

Albacross has proved to be quite straightforward in my experience, and following registration, using your company’s details, you can dive right in and see if you agree.
You’ve signed up now what?

There are three ways to get started:

1. Search

The most immediate option is to conduct a direct search.

On your homepage, go to the search bar and fill in a keyword relevant to your industry. This will provide a list of companies that have visited your site, from all over the world.

Use the filter toggles on the left-hand-side (LHS) dashboard, to refine your search to suit your needs. (options include revenue, number of employees and country/location)

Select the leads from the list that interest you to find out more detail (see below for more).

Let’s say you have a cosmetics company, supplying beauty products to spas and retailers. Type in Beauty. Then narrow down the list by, for instance, selecting employees: 20+ and Revenue: 500k+. You now have a targeted list, based on those criteria, full of ripe leads.

2. Web Tracking

This option takes a bit more time as Albacross needs a few days to collect data from your website and furnish your dashboard with leads. Once that process is complete, however, you will have real-time updates to your lead list.

Set up lead tracking by inserting a few lines of code onto your website.

Once the list is furnished, you will get a spreadsheet, under the Track tab of your homepage, showing visitor’s: activity, registration location, name, last visit, duration, number of unique visitors by domain, sources(where the traffic comes from) and tags (which you will create as you clump visitors by selected parameters)

Create custom domain, tag and page filters by selecting the pen to the right of each filter listed in the dashboard, you can then add specific visitors that you would like to be able to filter.

Click on any of the spreadsheet headings, to sort your list according to that heading. Eg, activity, will arrange the list by highest to lowest/lowest to highest visitor activity.

To find out detailed information about each visitor, you can click on the company name in the main list. This will show details about the visitor’s company furnished by Albacross’ database. This information includes the company’s particulars at a glance(including physical location and sector), its key statistics (including estimated revenue and employees), a page analysis (including number of visits and visit duration) as well as the names, positions and contacts for key employees. You will also get an overview of their activity over the last 30 days as well as a nifty map showing their geographic location.

Use the Quick filters tab on the LHS dashboard to analyse the list according to your immediate needs. These filters include, total revenue, country, domain, pages(where the visitor went on your site), tags, number of employees and sources. You can also create new filters as needed (see the bottom of the list on LHS dashboard).

Or use the Saved filters to save a custom selection of the above filters to create a long-term overview of lead changes.

Go to the bottom of the filter list and select create new filter

Select the filters that you find relevant to this specific search e.g companies in the U.K. with a revenue exceeding 500 000, that came to your site via FB

Add a title for the search filter at the top of the page under filter name

Select the blue save filter icon at the top RHS of the page

Now you will find that saved filter under the saved filters tab at the top of the dashboard on the LHS of the page

You can now assess the data whenever you like, by accessing your account via Albacross.

Alternatively, you can set up a custom Email report.

Select your profile icon at the top RHS of the page

Select Email reports under the Account section

This opens a page with a spreadsheet showing Filter, Email and frequency

Select the purple create report icon at the top RHS of the page

Select which saved filter you want to use

Fill in the email address to which you would like the report sent

Select the frequency that the report should be sent(daily/weekly/monthly)

You can edit the report or delete the email request on the RHS of the list by selecting the pen or dustbin icons respectively

3. Upload lists

The final option lets you upload a client list as a .csv file including company name, and company number or domain name.

Click the Upload list icon at the top RHS of the page

Upload your .csv document

Albacross will cross reference the companies against their database, to tell you who’s been visiting your page.

Last notes

I have found Albacross to be a pretty intuitive system that allows you to track the movements of your site visitors. If you’re an agency and you’re responsible for tracking and lead generation for your clients, by using your admin rights, you can also track their visitors, all from the same place.

Select your profile icon at the top RHS of the page

Select Add another company below where your company name is listed

Add your client’s company name and email address

Go back to the profile on your homepage, and switch between companies on the list

You can then track, set up mail reports, etc. all for individual companies that you are tracking.

Once you have mastered Albacross’ lead generation function, you can go on to make those leads work by opting into their marketing strategy function which allows you to target campaigns to suit the valuable leads you have found.

Dave Schneider is the founder of LessChurn, churn reduction app. In 2012 he quit his job to travel the world, and has visited over 65 countries. In his spare time, he writes about SaaS and business at