All Marketers Can't Be Liars

Seth Godin’s latest installment All Marketers Are Liars suggests how marketers use storytelling to get consumers to believe in lies. Although we drive cars for transportation, that’s not why we buy them. People are willing to pay huge premiums for certain brands. Why do we do this? Partly it’s the marketer telling a story that gets us to believe that a Mercedes is worth a premium because it makes us feel accomplished. It also allows us to tell others a story about our accomplishment.

Liar’s Top 7 Tips…..

7. Telling a story can make consumers believe a lie, for instance that buying organic food will save the earth.

6. You have to tell a story that matches with the consumers view of the world.

5. Controversial stories get more attention, i.e. the title of this book.

4. Storytelling can give marketers immense power (with great power comes great responsibility).

3. Wine served in a $20 glass tastes better than wine in a $1 glass. Why? Because people believe is should. Their expectations lead to a self fulfilling prophecy.

2. You can’t tell a story, once someone already told it. i.e. Kerry trying to say that Bush was also a flip flopper (which was just as true).

1. People rather listen to a story than to factual information. Humans buy on emotion. That’s why stories work so well!