Andy Sernovitz Talk on Word of Mouth

Andy Sernovitz, author of the book Word of Mouth Marketing, gave this talk at the Word of Mouth Supergenius conference about how companies can leverage word of mouth to save their brand.

Key takeaways from the presentation:
-Happy customers are the best advertisers.
-Love is what makes a brand extraordinary.
-Zappos gets about 75% of their customers for free through word of mouth referrals.
-Your brand is what other people say it is.
-Companies that are nice to people make more money.
-Case study: a duct tape company awarded a scholarship to the best duct tape prom dress.
-People will talk about anything, even duct tape.
-Give people a reason to talk about your stuff.
-Make it easier for the conversation take place.
-Advertising is the price you pay if you can’t answer the question “why would people talk about us?”

Photo courtesy of Josh Hallet