5 Ways to Boost Your Marketing Campaign With Animation

Video has become a critical component of marketing campaigns these days. A recent study by Nielsen found out that Facebook marketing videos boost brand awareness by 32-65%, increase purchase intent by 44-72%, and enhance video recall by 47-74% during the first 10 seconds of a video. These statistics speak for themselves. And within the umbrella … Read more

3 Ways to Find Inbound Links to Your Site

1. Google Analytics Referral Traffic If you are getting referral traffic from other sites then those are sites that have linked to you. You can find the sites that are referring visitors to you by logging into Google Analytics and clicking on the “Referrals” link under the “Acquisition” tab in the menu. Change the date … Read more

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SEMRush Review and Tips

SEMRush is the top SEO tool for many digital marketers because it offers a wide range of tools and data to analyze competitors in any niche. Stealing Competitor Search Traffic Clicking on “Domain vs Domain” in the left menu will take you to a page where you can enter two or more domains to compare. … Read more

How to Influence Online Behavior: The Smarter Screen

The Smarter Screen is a new book about influencing people’s behavior while they are spending several hours a day staring at screens. Author Shlomo Benartzi is a professor at UCLA’s Anderson School of Management and has applied behavioral economics to help Americans increase their savings rates with Richard Thaler. Benartzi writes, “My hope is that … Read more