Dell's Idea Storm

It looks like Dell is following the democratization of ideas enabled by the web. Dell is taking advantage of “crowd sourcing” with it’s new Idea Storm website, which solicits ideas and recommendations from anyone to improve their products. I can think of two reasons why this is cool marketing. First it tells consumers that they … Read more Dell's Idea Storm

My Purple Cow

After reading Purple Cow by Seth Godin I am trying to come up with my own purple cow, or the thing that makes me remarkable. It’s not easy. “Purple Cows do an outrageous job. They work on high profile projects. These people take risks, often resulting in big failures.” The main thesis of the book … Read more My Purple Cow

Check out this video collection of some of the world’s funniest ads. In the Tivo age, humor is one way to catch the attention of an overexposed and busy audience. People want to listen to your message if it is valuable to them, and everyone loves to laugh. Just make sure that the message … Read more

If I Wrote the MBA program…

these would be on the course reading list. (Marketing Focus) All Marketers are Liars Seth GodinBlink Malcom Gladwell Blue Ocean Strategy W. Chan Kim, RenĂ©e MauborgneThe World is Flat Thomas Friedman Selling the Invisible Harry Beckwith Winning with People John Maxwell Leadership Challenge James Kouzes Never Eat Alone Keith FerrazziBuzz Marketing Mark Hughes Small is … Read more If I Wrote the MBA program…

Seth Strikes Back

In the highly enjoyable book Small is the New Big, Seth Godin strikes back against corporate America. In today’s world large companies are too conformed, too unauthentic, too uncaring, too conservative, and too used to the status quo, to paraphrase the book. Instead of a typical book format, Seth uses a blog like format, with … Read more Seth Strikes Back

My Personal MBA

Is an MBA worth the tuition and opportunity costs for today’s marketer? While my mind battles this one out, I have found a great alternative to the traditional $55,000 dollar business school. I’ve enrolled in a free online MBA program called The Personal MBA, in which you read from a selection of books and then … Read more My Personal MBA