How to Set Up an Automated Email Sequence with ConvertKit

ConvertKit is an ideal email marketing solution for creators and especially bloggers. In this post, we are going to review exactly how to set up an automated email sequence using ConvertKit. This is really quite simple to do within ConvertKit compared to so many other autoresponders and should only take a few minutes to get your automated follow-up series started and set up.

With that being said, let’s get right into it!

Creating Your Email Sequence

First things first, navigate to the “Sequences” section after you’ve logged into your ConvertKit account.

Then select “New Sequence” to set up a follow-up series for your email list. (See screenshot below).

Next name your sequence as it relates to your follow-up series. For example, if people signed up for a free E-book to get onto your email list, you may want to name it something like “E-book Giveaway – Marketing Follow-Up Series”. 

Lastly, simply hit “Create Sequence” to complete this step.

Set Up Your Welcome Email

After you hit “Create Sequence” in the step above, this will take you right to the creation section of your first email. 

There’s a few areas to go over here as we’ll highlight in the screenshot below. 

First, make sure to add a “Subject” that explains to your email list what they signed up for. If you’re giving anything away, make sure to include that information in this first email.

Then, write the “Body” of your email. Make this compelling and unique.

Next, since this will be your first email, you want this to be sent right after they subscribe to your email list. Make sure to set the “When to Send” section to “0 days” which is the equivalent in ConvertKit as sending the email immediately. 

Lastly, switch the “Status” section from “Draft” to “Active” and hit “Save”.

Boom! You’ve just created your first email follow-up which we’ll send right after someone opts-into your list.

Repeat Step #2 To Create Additional Follow-Up Emails

In order to create additional follow-up emails, all you have to do is hit “Add Email” on the left hand side and follow the same exact directions as laid out in step #2. See screenshot below:

The one thing you’d want to do differently here though is switch the “When to Send” section to 1 or 2 days “After Last Email”. This way, you will provide your subscribers a little bit of space in between emails (whether that’s sending an email once per day or every other day.)

You should strive to at least shoot for a 7 day email follow-up series for your subscribers, but even longer can be better. This way you are taking advantage of ConvertKit’s automated sequences to send your messages on autopilot!

Wrapping Up

To conclude, this is just a fraction of what you can do using ConvertKit, but at the very least this will get you up and running. Be sure to dive into their other features such as “Automations” and “Broadcasts” to get the most out of the email marketing software. Also, always be testing different areas in your email marketing such as subject lines, email bodies, call-to-actions, days/times to send and more. Only after testing will you know the best strategy and approach for your business. 

Evan Hoeflich is an Internet Marketing Strategist and Blogger who enjoys writing product reviews, tutorials and informational content for his readers. He specializes in email marketing, SEO, YouTube and blogging and has been involved with Internet Marketing since 2007.