Free Webinar: B2B Link Building

Optify sponsored this free webinar featuring short presentations and a Q&A by linkbuilding experts Scott Fasser from Optify and Debra Mastaler from Alliance-Link. The webinar provides useful tips and advice for building links to business websites.

Here are a few key takeaways from the webinar.
-A professional association can be a great opportunity for building relationships that can lead to links.
-Many colleges have fraternities for specific industries like business.
-Don’t be too explicit about your branding on your infographic.
-A relevant widget can be placed on blogs and build exposure for your brand as well as links. Example: pregnancy date widget.
-Write reviews of products in your industry on your website. You can also consider video reviews to help with your presence in universal search.
-Have a call to action that asks for a link on your resource pages.
-Focus resources on building links from sites that are likely to link to you.
-Consider linkbuilding tactics that can scale like infographics or studies.
-Have someone in charge of driving the bus for your company’s linkbuilding program.
-Make sure you use a wide variety of link building tactics.
-Diversify your anchor text by using your brand name, long tail phrases, as well as target keyword phrases.
-Don’t overlook forums as a resource for links and relationship building. Forum members often have their own site or blog.
-The more people in your organization that are educated on linkbuilding and SEO, the more successful you will be.