100 Best Marketing Blogs

These top 100 marketing blogs can provide you with inspiration, cutting edge thinking on marketing, and ideas that you can apply to your marketing strategy.

1. Seth’s Blog
Thought leader Seth Godin’s great blog on marketing and innovative business ideas.

2. Branding Strategy Insider
Great articles about effective branding for large companies.

3. Duct Tape Marketing
Author John Jantsch’s articles focused on small business marketing.

4. Web Ink Now
Author David Meerman Scott’s ideas on new media marketing, newshacking, and public relations.

5. Hubspot Inbound Internet Marketing Blog
Useful and educational articles about online marketing that is updated daily.

6. A Clear Eye
Author Tom Asacker shares insightful ideas on branding and marketing strategy.

7. Brand Autopsy
Brand Autopsy provides word of mouth marketing discussion, inspirational quotes, and book summaries.

8. The Marketing Spot
Jay Ehret provides great branding ideas and marketing tips focused on small businesses.

9. Awaken Your Superhero
The co-host of Marketing Over Coffee provides great information on how to become a marketing superhero including tutorials on online marketing and analytics.

10. Red Slice
Author and brand consultant Maria Ross shares excellent ideas on effective branding for corporations and small businesses.

11. Marketing Technology Blog
This blog keeps you up to date on the latest marketing technology with helpful howto articles, online marketing tips, and recommended infographics. Douglas Karr also hosts an excellent podcast called MTB Radio and is author of the book Corporate Blogging for Dummies.

12. Return Customer
13. Brand Builder
14. BrandGymBlog
15. Brand Curve
16. Marketing & Strategy Innovation Blog
17. Make the Logo Bigger
18. Stephen Denny
19. Responsible Marketing
20. Customers Rock
21. Marketing Tea Party
22. Vitamin IMC
23. Brand New
24. Brand Noise
25. Techno Marketer
26. Forrester Interactive Marketing Blog
27. Brand New Day
28. Ad Pulp
29. Church of the Customer
30. AdFreak
31. BrandFreak
32. Marketing Nirvana
33. Influential Marketing
34. MicroMarketing
35. Fresh Peel
36. Shotgun Marketing
37. Conversation Agent
38. Jaffe Juice
39. Marketing Interactions
40. The Viral Garden
41. Brand Story
42. Own Your Brand
43. Brandeo
44. AdRants
45. Brand Mix
46. Citizen Marketer 2.1
47. The Social Media Marketing Blog
48. Aaker on Brands
49. Web Strategy by Jeremiah Owyang
50. Flooring The Consumer
51. Modern Marketing
52. Diva Marketing Blog
53. Hee-Haw Marketing
54. Being Peter Kim
55. Logic + Emotion
56. Steve Rubel
57. Lonely Marketer
58. My 2 Cents
59. BrandingWire
60. Marketing.fm
61. Brand Corral
62. CK’s Blog
63. Marketing With Meaning
64. Inside the Marketers Studio
65. John Quelch’s Blog
66. Make Marketing History
67. Buzzmarketing Daily
68. Hard Knox Life
69. Brand Champions
70. Neuromarketing
71. BrandSimple
72. Marketallica
73. Right Brain/Left Brain Marketing
74. Brains on Fire
75. Mainwaring Blog
76. The Big Fat Marketing Blog
77. Conversation Marketing
78. Marketing Genius
79. Brand Rants
80. Marketing Shift
81. Altitude Branding
82. Marketing Productivity Blog
83. Marketing Geek
84. Adverblog
85. Advertising and Marketing Blog
86. The Marketing Blog
87. Dan Zarrella (Social Media Marketing)
88. Beyond Madison Avenue
89. Freaking Marketing
90. Social Media Explorer
91. 9 Inch Marketing
92. Where’s My Jetpack
93. Simon Mainwaring
95. The Harte of Marketing
94. Tagblog
96. Read This
97. The Engaged Consumer
98. Jonathan Salem Baskin’s Dim Bulb
99. Marketing Roadmaps
100. The Branding Blog

More Marketing Blogs:
101. The Toad Stool
102. A New Marketing
103. The Brand Bubble
104. Melodies in Marketing
105. Groundswell Blog
106. Customer U
107. Brand DNA

SEO Blogs
1. SEOMoz Blog
2. State of Search
3. The Marketing Spark