Brian Halligan Talk: Building a World-Class Inbound Marketing Company

Brian Halligan is the CEO of the fast growing marketing software company Hubspot and gave this informative talk at Dreamforce that discussed the virtues of inbound marketing and how to build a world-class inbound marketing organization inside your company.

Key takeaways from the talk:
-The traditional marketing playbook is fundamentally broken.
-The way people consume information has fundamentally changed.
-Inbound marketing effectiveness depends more on your ideas than the size of your wallet.
-Each piece of content is a magnet that pulls people in.
-Asking people to “Please Retweet” actually works.
-The word “insights” was really effective when used in blog titles.
-Content with great titles spread.
-99% of blogs are just plain boring.
-If you write great content with a poor title, no one will read it.
-Don’t hire a traditional marketer or someone who speaks digital marketing with an accent.
-Hire great bloggers.
-Marketers should know how to use pivot tables.
-You want to hire marketers with a large following in social media.
-Let any of your employees write for your company blog.
-Rank your company’s best bloggers.
-Warren Buffett says you should build a moat around your business.
-Negative feedback on your blog provides an opportunity to address issues in a public forum.

Photo by Hubspot

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