Buzz Soda

Jones Soda Company based in Seattle Washington is now taking pre-orders for a five-pack of soda titled Dirt, Sports Cream, Perspiration, Sweet Victory and Natural Field Turf. According to the company spokesperson Clare Bowles the “Perspiration Soda is kind of salty tasting” with a “stinky football sock” finish.

“A sip of Sports Cream Soda conjures up the experience of rubbing ointment into an aching muscle, while Natural Field Turf Soda is like ‘playing tackle football, and you get tackled really hard, you’re down on the ground and you get a little bit of the grass in your teeth,’ Bowles said. The only sweet soda of the bunch, Sweet Victory, has a berry flavor” (Business Week).

This from the company that brought you Green Bean Casserole Soda, Mashed Potato & Butter Soda, Fruitcake Soda, Cranberry Soda and Turkey & Gravy Soda in 2004. The Seahawks Collector’s Pack should make it to the buzz-worthy hall of fame. What a innovative and creative idea. Can you imagine what your management would say if you proposed such a radical idea. Seth Godin often talks about how most companies are afraid to take chances and are much more interested in defending the status quo. Jones Soda is not one of those companies.