Can You Read Enough?

“Not Possible” writes Matt Heinz, author of Are You Selling Pants, or Selling a Dream. I posted last week about Tim Ferris’ view that you should limit your reading of non-fiction because you could waste time passively consuming information instead of taking action. Here’s Matt’s counter argument of why we should read as much as possible:

As marketers, we need to be constantly learning. Constantly reinventing how we do business. Constantly questioning the way we do business today and tomorrow.

When I force myself to stop what I’m doing for a moment and read something, I almost always get new ideas, insights and inspiration.

I get ideas for how to improve my job, my company, my life.

Marketers are extremely busy and time-strapped. It’s very difficult to stop and read. That’s where audio books and podcasts can help. You can consume tremendous amounts of content walking down the street, driving your car, or waiting in line.

The latest episode of the M-Show states that one quarter of America’s business elite downloaded a podcast in the last month. has been a godsend, by allowing me to read several books while commuting to work. If you have a great audio book it can even make you look forward to the drive!