Things to Consider When Developing an Effective Logo

Have a Brainstorming Session Your logo is going to be one of the defining visuals of your brand. Your brand goes beyond people simply knowing your company’s name. Branding includes the feelings that are generated when consumers think about your business, your services or your goods. What kind of buzzwords do you want associated with … Read more

Frito Lay Advertises to Aliens

I would have loved to have been in the marketing meeting when the Frito Lay team decided to transmit a 30 second ad to a solar system 42 light-years away. “Being first to market often results in category leadership. If we can be the first in the minds of the aliens near Ursa Major, we … Read more

Bad Ads Never Die

In sports the best marketing is winning. Marketing a mediocre or consistently bad team is tough. So when Appalachian State defeated Michigan in the upset of the decade in college football, they had a great opportunity to recruit students to their school. One of the advantages of winning football programs is that it attracts great … Read more

Mark Twain's Newspaper Ad

MARK TWAIN Honolulu Correspondent of the Sacramento Union Will Deliver A Lecture on the Sandwich Islands… A SPLENDID ORCHESTRA is in town, but has not been engaged also A DEN OF FEROCIOUS WILD BEASTS will be on exhibition in the next block MAGNIFICENT FIREWORKS were in contemplation for this occasion, but the idea has been … Read more

Amazing Ad Study

In a study of 200 ad competition winners and finalists, 89% could be classified into six basic templates. You would expect that highly creative ads be greatly varied, however a great majority fit into just a few categories. The categories were: Pictorial analogy, Extreme Consequences, Extreme Situations, Competition (product is shown winning against another product), … Read more