While most deodorants usually try to communicate that their product makes you stink less, Axe took a completely different route by positioning their deodorant body spray to improve success with women. Axe, a brand of Unilever, created a need for male perfume and their marketing has successfully spread the idea across multiple countries. The ads … Read more

Authenticity of Nike

You have to appreciate the authenticity of this commercial. They’re not saying what you would expect but what most people really feel. “Running sucks, but man boobs really suck”. Although authenticity is highly desired in a low-trust world, you just don’t see this type of candor very often. When something like 70% of Americans don’t … Read more

Most Annoying Ads

A great episode of Podtini this week discusses a study that found which where ads annoy us the most and where they seem more acceptable. The study was conducted by Arbitron. Ad Location / Percent Who Found Ads Acceptable Movie Theater (53%)TV (46%)DVDs (36%)Internet (18%) This study shows that movie theater ads annoyed people least … Read more

Will DVR Kill TV?

According to APM Marketplace about 17% of Americans have DVRs that can zip past commercials. My strategy is to start watching a show like Lost or 24, 15 minutes after its start time, so that I can skip through all the commercials and finish watching the same time as someone without DVR. Thanks to new … Read more

Check out this video collection of some of the world’s funniest ads. In the Tivo age, humor is one way to catch the attention of an overexposed and busy audience. People want to listen to your message if it is valuable to them, and everyone loves to laugh. Just make sure that the message … Read more