Does Disclosure Affect Consumer Behavior?

A new study funded by The American Bankruptcy Institute and The Ford Foundation found that disclosure of credit card interest rates could have an opposite effect than intended. “For many shoppers knowledge of interest rates and mounting debt was so depressing that it spurs them to binge to alleviate the gloom” -WSJ This Morning The … Read more

Conspicuous Consumption to Conscientious Consumption

We are seeing an amazing shift in consumer behavior. More and more Americans care about their carbon footprint rather than their ego. Instead of wanting to buy a Hummer, more people want a Prius. Many good marketers have seen this trend and have implemented “green” marketing. But is being “green” enough to differentiate your company … Read more


The reason the psychology test below is important in marketing is because of a concept known as eye movement research. According to this research described in The Tipping Point, the human eye is only capable of focusing on a very small area at any time, known as the perceptual span. This is because most of … Read more

Marketing Obesity

According to a study at the University of Liverpool in the UK, obese and overweight children consume more than 100% more food after watching food advertisements on television. Psychologist Dr Jason Halford said: “Our research confirms food TV advertising has a profound effect on all children’s eating habits — doubling their consumption rate.” Seth Godin … Read more

The Attraction Effect

Human behavior is so interesting because our choices can sometimes defy reason. Take this example cited in Made to Stick about a study by Shafir and Redelmeier. Students were given two options to spend their evening… 1. Attend a lecture by an author you admire who is visiting just for the evening.2. Go to the … Read more