Office Max Penny Pranks

The company behind the Elf Yourself campaign that became one of the most popular websites on the internet last holiday season, are back with a new innovative campaign called Power to the Penny. They hired a improv commedian with a hidden camera to buy things in only pennies. The marketing director was on the Duct Tape Marketing podcast and commented on how the penny has become worthless in our economy and the campaign is meant to differentiate Office Max as a merchant that is happy to take pennies and even sells items for 1 cent. The videos are hysterical.

Jackie Huba on Customer Evangelism

Jackie Huba is one of the world’s foremost experts on customer evangelism. Her book Creating Customer Evangelists is an excellent read with several interesting case studies such as Dunkin Donuts, Build-a-Bear, Southwest, and the Dallas Mavericks. Her presentation profiles how these companies have been able to build a customer base so loyal and passionate that they are like having an additional sales force that works for free.