How to Influence Online Behavior: The Smarter Screen

The Smarter Screen is a new book about influencing people’s behavior while they are spending several hours a day staring at screens. Author Shlomo Benartzi is a professor at UCLA’s Anderson School of Management and has applied behavioral economics to help Americans increase their savings rates with Richard Thaler. Benartzi writes, “My hope is that … Read more

5 Marketing Takeaways from Brandwashed

What kind of behavior brought upon the notion of the Pepsi challenge? Did Pepsi suddenly get curious, wanting to battle with competitor Coke without prompt? No, Pepsi wanted to clean the ‘brandwashed’ associations residing in Coke drinkers’ heads. A number of consumers are ‘brandwashed,’ routinely seeking the same services and products, forming an allegiance to … Read more

5 Great Sales Books Every Marketer Should Read

A good marketer never stops improving and strives to keep up with the constant changes in the marketing landscape. That’s why a marketer should never stop honing their marketing and people skills. There’s such an overabundance of marketing books out there that sometimes it’s difficult to choose one that will be worth your time. Here’s … Read more

Top 5 Social Media Marketing Books of 2011

Social media has become a mainstream force that all businesses must now understand and utilize. The transition from more controlled and traditional marketing techniques to the new and sometimes confusing world of social media marketing can be difficult. There are a number of books published in 2011 that can help any type of business understand … Read more

10 Best Marketing Books of 2011

There were several valuable marketing books that were published in 2011 that can help improve your marketing knowledge and skills or just provide some inspiration. Here are our picks for the best marketing books of 2011: Enchantment Guy Kawasaki wrote this modern version of How to Win Friends and Influence People and talks about how … Read more