Marketing Takeaways from The Upside of Irrationality

Understanding the important concepts in psychology can help marketers better understand how their customers think and how this affects their decisions. In his books Predictably Irrational and The Upside of Irrationality, Dan Ariely focuses on our tendency to make decisions that seem irrational. Many economists believe that individuals decisions are based on the rational choice, … Read more

Marketing Takeaways From The 24-Hour Customer

Time is something that I think marketers often ignore or take for granted. Many marketers continue to push out a flood of messages through various channels like television, newspapers, and email although consumers do not have the time to receive these messages. Additionally consumers often will choose saving time over the added benefit of switching … Read more

Marketing Takeaways from Delivering Happiness

In Delivering Happiness, Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh describes his journey in building Link Exchange which sold for about $200 million and Zappos which was recently acquired by Amazon for about $1 billion. The book is written like an autobiography and is very honest and open. You learn some interesting things about him like how he … Read more

Transforming Organizations With Social Media: Review of Open Leadership

How do you make your company more open using social technologies? That is the challenge that Charlene Li discusses in her latest book Open Leadership. She discusses how social media can help organizations become more open and transparent and also share ideas more effectively within the company. She also discusses how to overcome the challenges … Read more

Marketing Takeaways from Flip the Funnel

Prolific podcaster, writer, and all around nice guy, Joseph Jaffe recently released his third marketing book entitled Flip the Funnel. This book mainly focuses on the idea of flipping the sales funnel to focus marketing on existing customers. The reasoning for this shift in marketing strategy is sound: existing customers are far less expensive than … Read more

Marketing Lessons From Switch

In Switch, Chip and Dan Heath describe a simple framework for getting people to change their behavior, a very relevant topic for marketers. Switch is a must read for marketers because many ideas in this book can help marketers be more effective at changing behavior. Whether your goal is to get more consumers to switch … Read more