5 Reasons a Marketing Career is Awesome

Marketing is truly an exciting and interesting field to be in. Few other careers can offer a combination of so many different disciplines from psychology to art to statistics, all packaged together into one role. Additionally, marketing is one of the most vital functions of a business. Without attracting customers, a business could not survive … Read more

Jonah Lehrer Talk on How to Increase Creativity

In the following talk, Jonah Lehrer discusses what science tells us about creativity and how that can be applied to increase creativity in the work environment. Key takeaways: -Einstein said that creativity is the residue of wasted time. -Scientists can predict when an epiphany is about to occur based on measuring the brain’s alpha waves. … Read more

Chade-Meng Tan Talk on Meditation to Boost Performance

Chade-Meng Tan is a early Google employee and author of the personal development book Search Inside Yourself, which discusses how to use meditation to improve your work performance and happiness. Takeaways from the talk: -Neuroplasticity means what you think and do can change the structure of your brain. -The first step is training your attention. … Read more

3 Steps for Successful Professional Networking

by Morris N. Mann, P.D. Social gatherings offer great opportunity to make some professional connections. Usually when professionals who run their small businesses go to any social gathering they are interested in giving their business cards to other people. These business people give their business cards to people with whom they have a conversation at the … Read more

5 Qualities of Highly Effective Marketers

The following article is a guest article by Rachel Hyun Kim. Have you ever considered a career in marketing? For people-oriented, outgoing individuals, marketing may appear like a natural career choice. However, this field requires more than a can-do attitude and an affinity for social media; marketers often share certain personality traits that help them … Read more

7 Job Hunting Tips for New Marketing Grads

Start A Blog Starting a blog can be a great way to put your online marketing skills on display. You can show potential employers that you can create quality content, earn links, and build an audience – things that many companies need to excel in online marketing. Ideally you should create your blog on a … Read more