Launch a Successful Podcast with Podcasters' Paradise

A podcast is one of the best marketing opportunities right now to build an audience and get people to know, like, and trust you. The number of podcast listeners has been growing rapidly due to factors like the widespread adoption of smartphones and new cars that can play podcasts during your commute. Podcasts provide a intimate connection with your listener who is often listening to your voice through their headphones. They can even be addicting because of the learning opportunity they provide. According to the book Brainfluence by Roger Dooley, “There is a feedback mechanism in the brain that rewards the acquisition of knowledge and most humans have a knowledge addiction.”

logoI am a frequent listener of podcasts and one of my favorites in Entrepreneur on Fire by John Lee Dumas. John’s journey from corporate finance employee to one of the top business podcasters in iTunes is an inspiring success story. John quit his corporate finance job and started his podcast to fill a need he saw for a daily podcast that interviews successful entrepreneurs. He took massive action by hiring a coach, flying to New Media Expo, and getting commitments from well-known podcasters like Derek Halpern and Pat Flynn. Just over a year later his podcast is downloaded about 400,000 times a month and each episode brings in over $1,000 in sponsorships.

john-lee-dumasOne thing I love about Entrepreneur on Fire is that it is very actionable content. While a lot of interview podcasts include a lot of random conversation, John focuses on pulling out actionable takeaways from each interview. The interview is also very structured and focused on answering some specific questions that provide useful insights and advice. Even if you are not into entrepreneurship, you will learn a lot about how to be successful at anything you want to do.

Podcasting is much harder than starting a blog. There is a relatively high learning curve compared to the five minutes it takes to start a blog and this can be a bit intimidating. There’s a lot to learn like recording equipment and software, editing, creating cover art, setting up a podcast feed, submitting to iTunes, and building an audience. That’s where the video tutorials, expert webinars with top podcasters, and community forum can help someone start and grow a successful podcast. All this is provided by Podcasters’ Paradise.

The cost for lifetime membership is $397 and the price is expected to increase over time as the community grows and more valuable tutorials and webinars are added. Currently there is a discount if you join before the Oct 31st launch. I am excited and nervous to start my own podcast in the coming months with the help of Podcasters’ Paradise.

You can learn more by checking out the webinar where John discusses the opportunities in podcasting and the features of Podcasters’ Paradise.

Learn to Promote Your Content with the Blog Post Promotion Course

One of the greatest mistakes that people make with content marketing is that they put all their effort into creating great content but little or no effort into promoting it. In the Blog Post Promotion Ultimate Course, Kristi Hines shows you the tactics, tools, and strategies that she uses to get thousands of social shares and readers for her articles.

Kristi has written popular guides and articles for high profile sites like Kiss Metrics, Social Media Examiner, HubSpot, and Unbounce that have been shared hundreds to thousands of times. Since Kristi is able to get her articles to spread, she is able to earn over $1,000 for a single article that she writes.

Some examples include:

How to Generate More Leads With Your Blog: 5 Tips Social Media Examiner = 1,848 Tweets

16 Ways Businesses Are Using Twitter Vine Social Media Examiner = 3,297 Tweets

28 Things You Need To Know About The New Facebook Pages Kiss Metrics = 1,611 Tweets

Measuring Social Media ROI & Goal Conversions with Google Analytics 5 Unbounce = 1,414 Tweets

Kristi also runs the excellent blog Kikolani, one of the top blogs in the online marketing and blogging space.

Some useful things you can learn from this course include:

  • How to develop relationships with influencers in your industry.
  • How to find timely and highly relevant opportunities to promote your content.
  • How to leverage the top social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest to promote your content.
  • How to tap into paid advertising on social networks to build momentum.
  • What online tools can help you to spread your content.
  • How to find top articles in your niche on social sites like Stumbleupon and Reddit.
  • Websites that you didn’t know you could use to promote your content.

The course contains 16 modules of instructional content to help you master the multiple types of blog post promotion from promotion networks to blogger outreach to effective guest blogging. The tactics still require a lot of work and hustle but the course provides detailed instructions on how to execute proven tactics.

I think this is a great resource for anyone who wants to promote their content and get it to spread much faster than normal. The skill of getting a piece of content to spread is extremely valuable for marketers and business owners as it will increase inbound links, traffic, and sales. A college student who can effectively promote content can help their chances of getting hired in a marketing role. Freelance writers can stand out and earn higher rates by getting their articles to spread to a larger audience.

There are also some great bonus features like a closed Facebook Group to network with other people taking the course. For a limited time Kristi will review your blog and provide recommendations on how you can improve traffic, leads, and sales. There are also some helpful bonus tutorials on how to build an email list and grow your social media followers as well as Kristi’s email templates that can be used for blogger outreach.

The price isĀ $197, which is a great value if you are willing to take what you learn and implement the tactics and develop your content promotion skills.

If you are not ready to commit, Kristi also offers a lot of free resources on her site like the article 32 Experts Share Their Best Blog Post Promotion Tips and the free mini-course 8 Days to Promotable Content.

Summary: This is the best available course for learning how to get a piece of content to spread and earn a high number of social shares. It is full of specific tips that you can put into action immediately to encourage people to share your content.


Full disclosure: I received a review copy and am an affiliate.