10 Interesting Marketing Articles in October 2011

The forever recession (and the coming revolution) Seth’s Blog
Seth Godin says the industrial age is fading away and the opportunities of the revolution of connection.

Reasons to Consider a Career in Online Marketing Marketing Professor
Good reasons why online marketing is a promising and rewarding career.

Are you a speed and sputter marketer? Drew’s Marketing Minute
Drew McLellan asks if your marketing efforts lack consistency.

10 Ways to Never Run Out of Blog Ideas Again Hubspot
Some good ideas to keep the blog post topic ideas rolling.

What Are You Doing to Generate Word of Mouth? Drew’s Marketing Minute
Drew McLellan discusses Amazon’s Vine program that gives select people free books in return for writing reviews (it is invite only).

17 Digital Marketing Experts Share Their Top Tips, Tricks, and Tools Techipedia
Top marketers share their social media marketing secrets and favorite social media tools.

A Guest Posting Process Distilled
Helpful ideas on efficiently getting guest posts published to earn quality links to your website.

How To Take Your Keyword Research To A Higher Level Search Engine Land
Tom suggests tracking traffic rather than rankings as a key performance indicator and lays out steps for effective keyword research.

Integrating SEO & PPC: 3 Areas to Explore Search Engine Watch
Branded and non-branded search traffic should be tracked separately.

Social Media
A Look at SocialBro, Twitter Analytics for Power Users Sparkplug Digital
A good review of the Twitter analytics tool SocialBro.

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10 Top Marketing News Sites

Advertising Age – Hosting a variety of marketing and media news topics, this is the place for marketing professionals to find out what’s happening in the advertising industry. This site offers its readers a variety of blogs, columns, global marketing news, marketing news topics related to Hispanic marketing, CMO strategy, and current trends in media including an Entertainment A-List and comprehensive TV reports.

Search Engine Land – Keep up with the break-neck change in search marketing at this site that covers the major search engine news, and provides SEO tips and commentary.

ClickZ – Known as one of the largest databases of marketing news and resources, this site contains thoroughly researched facts and figures as well as tips and advice from some of the top experts in the industry.

Direct Marketing News – Definitely a top contender when it comes to current marketing news, this site also features marketing resources, marketing events, job opportunities in the industry, and more.

MarketingVox – This site will keep you on top of the latest marketing strategies and trends. Find out about the most current research findings in the industry with just a few clicks, and narrow your own topic searches by browsing featured categories.

BtoB – This popular marketing site is a one-stop-shop for business-minded individuals looking to stay abreast in the world of marketing strategy. Learn about the many avenues of marketing–through the social media, events, e-mail, and by direct or search methods. Marketing headlines are updated daily, and other site features include webcasts, a job board, newsletters, and an online directory of marketing products and services.

Marketing Today – This is an excellent place to find marketing advice from experts in the field as well as news and information on search engine marketing, internet marketing, and trade-show marketing. You will also find valuable legal resources, marketing tools, and career opportunity postings.

MarketingPower – Hosted by the American Marketing Association, this site offers a hefty database of marketing news stories, journals, newsletters, and more. It even features a multimedia gallery including both webcasts and podcasts. Find out about important marketing events, utilize the site’s career resources to look for job openings, get answers to your marketing questions from experts in the field, and take part in the AMA’s growing online community by becoming a member.

Alltop – Although Alltop is a one-stop information station for every possible topic you can think of, its impressive marketing section can hold its own. Collected here are stories from some of the most popular websites and blogs on the web. Alltop also features articles from lesser-known sources that they believe are outstanding or noteworthy. The marketing newsfeed is updated every hour, leaving you with fresh material every time you log on.

Marketing Pilgrim – Recognized by Advertising Age as one of the top 10 marketing and media blogs, this site has built a solid reputation for itself as a marketing news powerhouse. Since 2005, it has been home to up-to-date marketing news and reviews, advertising spots for growing businesses, and a wealth of job opportunity postings.

About the author: Bailey Harris is a writer for InsuranceQuotes.org.

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16 Great Marketing Talks Online

While it can cost hundreds of dollars to see leading marketers talk at conferences, there are many free talks online that contain some great ideas on marketing. The following marketing presentations from marketing authors and thought leaders can help you to gain inspiration, build your knowledge, or find a new idea that can help your marketing efforts.

Here are some valuable marketing talks from top marketing authors and speakers that are insightful and informative.

Marketing Talks on Video

David Meerman Scott Talk on Inbound Marketing (52:22)

Tony Hsieh Talk on Zappos Approach to Brand Building (54:41)

Rand Fishkin on Why Inbound Marketing is Awesome (1:26:18)

Rand Fishkin Talks About New Opportunities in Search (52:25)

Rand Fishkin Talk on Free Marketing for Startups (58:02) -NSFW

Bob Gilbreath Talk on Meaningful Marketing (49:43)

Jason Fried Talk on Marketing by Teaching (19:17)

Dharmesh Shah on How Inbound Marketing Works (1:01:28)

Andy Sernovitz Talk on Word of Mouth (30:46)

Brian Halligan Talk: Building a World-Class Inbound Marketing Company (55:28)

Simon Sinek talk on Starting With Why (18:05)

John Jantsch Talk on Generating Referrals (39:02)

John Moore Discusses how to Create Buzzworthy Companies (27:58)

Seth Godin Talk at Google on Telling Stories That Spread (48:02)

Derek Halpern Talk on Nonverbal Website Cues (1:08:10)

Pat Flynn Talk on Using Free as a Marketing Tactic (54:59)

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Books by These Speakers:

7 Free Online Lectures That Marketers Should Watch

The following list includes lectures and presentations from top colleges and marketing thought leaders.

Introduction to Psychology by Paul Bloom at Yale

Watch it on Academic Earth

Although psychology courses are not required in many undergraduate marketing programs, psychology has tremendous applications in marketing. Understanding motivations, behavior, and how people think are critical to being an effective marketer. Professor Bloom is a tremendous lecturer and I think you will really enjoy his lectures and learn a lot. Full videos of all 20 lectures are available at Academic Earth. The lecture above is one of my favorites and discusses what studies have uncovered about what makes us happy.

Psychology 156 – Human Emotion by Dacher Keltner from UC Berkeley

This course focuses on the science of human emotion and discusses topics like rationality and the role of emotion in decision making. Professor Keltner is also a tremendous lecturer, one of the best I’ve ever listened to.

Psych 160 Social Psychology by Dacher Keltner from UC Berkeley

This course looks at how people behave in social situations and discusses topics like social pressure. Marketers who understand how social influences can affect our behavior can apply this knowledge to marketing campaigns when appropriate. Some of the lectures in this series are missing, but there are several other social psychology lecture courses available online.

Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders from Stanford

This is an ongoing lecture series at Stanford that features a successful entrepreneur each week to share advice and lessons about starting and growing their business. Many of the talks discuss how they were able to grow their customers, since no startup can survive without customers. Here is a page with the talks that focus on sales and marketing.

Inbound Marketing University from Hubspot

This is a series of online marketing webinars from marketing thought leaders like Avinash Kaushik, Chris Brogan, David Meerman Scott, and Gary Vaynerchuk. These 16 “classes” cover a wide range of online marketing topics like email marketing, SEO, marketing analytics, viral marketing, and social media. You can also take a multiple choice test after viewing the classes and earn an inbound marketing certification that comes with a nice badge that you can put on your website.

SEOMoz Whiteboard Friday

If you would like to learn about how search engines work and how you can use search engine optimization to increase the relevance and importance of your website in the eyes of search engines, check out these series of videos. Rand Fishkin, the CEO of SEO software company SEOMOz, gives a short whiteboard presentation each week that lasts about 10 minutes (sometimes he is replaced by sidekick Danny Dover). There have been over 100 of these presentations, which you can view here.

The Ries Report

This series of video presentations by authors Al and Laura Ries discusses topics in branding and brand positioning. Al Ries is a marketing legend, as author of the classic marketing book Positioning, and presents some great concepts that can lead to marketing success.

Do you know of any lectures or presentations that you would like to recommend? Please add them to the comments.

Author List of Age of Conversation 3 Released

The official list of authors has just been released for the upcoming book Age of Conversation 3. These brilliant individuals will be sharing their insights and ideas on marketing, social media, and the changing business landscape. The book is a collaboration of about 300 leading marketers, writers, and thinkers who each contribute 1 page to the book. The best part is all of the proceeds of the book are donated to charity so the previous editions have raised thousands of dollars for good causes. You can learn more about the book at AgeofConversation.com.

Adam Joseph Priyanka Sachar Mark Earls
Cory Coley-Christakos Stefan Erschwendner Paul Hebert
Jeff De Cagna Thomas Clifford Phil Gerbyshak
Jon Burg Toby Bloomberg Shambhu Neil Vineberg
Joseph Jaffe Uwe Hook Steve Roesler
Michael E. Rubin anibal casso Steve Woodruff
Steve Sponder Becky Carroll Tim Tyler
Chris Wilson Beth Harte Tinu Abayomi-Paul
Dan Schawbel Carol Bodensteiner Trey Pennington
David Weinfeld Dan Sitter Vanessa DiMauro
Ed Brenegar David Zinger Brett T. T. Macfarlane
Efrain Mendicuti Deb Brown Brian Reich
Gaurav Mishra Dennis Deery C.B. Whittemore
Gordon Whitehead Heather Rast Cam Beck
Hajj E. Flemings Joan Endicott Cathryn Hrudicka
Jeroen Verkroost Karen D. Swim Christopher Morris
Joe Pulizzi Leah Otto Corentin Monot
Karalee Evans Leigh Durst David Berkowitz
Kevin Jessop Lesley Lambert Duane Brown
Peter Korchnak Mark Price Dustin Jacobsen
Piet Wulleman Mike Maddaloni Ernie Mosteller
Scott Townsend Nick Burcher Frank Stiefler
Steve Olenski Rich Nadworny John Rosen
Tim Jackson Suzanne Hull Len Kendall
Amber Naslund Wayne Buckhanan Mark McGuinness
Caroline Melberg Andy Drish Oleksandr Skorokhod
Claire Grinton Angela Maiers Paul Williams
Gary Cohen Armando Alves Sam Ismail
Gautam Ramdurai B.J. Smith Tamera Kremer
Eaon Pritchard Brendan Tripp Adelino de Almeida
Jacob Morgan Casey Hibbard Andy Hunter
Julian Cole Debra Helwig Anjali Ramachandran
Jye Smith Drew McLellan Craig Wilson
Karin Hermans Emily Reed David Petherick
Katie Harris Gavin Heaton Dennis Price
Mark Levy George Jenkins Doug Mitchell
Mark W. Schaefer Helge Tenno Douglas Hanna
Marshall Sponder James Stevens Ian Lurie
Ryan Hanser Jenny Meade Jeff Larche
Sacha Tueni and Katherine Maher David Svet Jessica Hagy
Simon Payn Joanne Austin-Olsen Mark Avnet
Stanley Johnson Marilyn Pratt Mark Hancock
Steve Kellogg Michelle Beckham-Corbin Michelle Chmielewski
Amy Mengel Veronique Rabuteau Peter Komendowski
Andrea Vascellari Timothy L Johnson Phil Osborne
Beth Wampler Amy Jussel Rick Liebling
Eric Brody Arun Rajagopal Dr Letitia Wright
Hugh de Winton David Koopmans Aki Spicer
Jeff Wallace Don Frederiksen Charles Sipe
Katie McIntyre James G Lindberg & Sandra Renshaw David Reich
Lynae Johnson Jasmin Tragas Deborah Chaddock Brown
Mike O’Toole Jeanne Dininni Iqbal Mohammed
Morriss M. Partee Katie Chatfield Jeff Cutler
Pete Jones Riku Vassinen Jeff Garrison
Kevin Dugan Tiphereth Gloria Mike Sansone
Lori Magno Valerie Simon Nettie Hartsock
Mark Goren Peter Salvitti

The Age of Conversation 2: Join the Movement

One of the greatest aspects of the web is that it enables mass collaboration and The Age of Conversation 2 is a collaboration of 237 business minds to write one book. The project was started by Drew McLellan where he invited contributors to write a one page chapter about marketing and social media with the proceeds going to Variety a children’s charity. Last year $10,000 was raised and they are aiming to beat that this year. I was thrilled to be able to contribute my own chapter titled “Why Brands Are Obsolete”. The book is now available as a hardcover, paperback, and digital download at Lulu.com

Here is the complete list of authors:

Adam Crowe, Adrian Ho, Aki Spicer, Alex Henault, Amy Jussel, Andrew Odom, Andy Nulman, Andy Sernovitz, Andy Whitlock, Angela Maiers, Ann Handley, Anna Farmery, Armando Alves, Arun Rajagopal, Asi Sharabi, Becky Carroll, Becky McCray, Bernie Scheffler, Bill Gammell, Bob Carlton, Bob LeDrew, Brad Shorr, Bradley Spitzer, Brandon Murphy, Branislav Peric, Brent Dixon, Brett Macfarlane, Brian Reich, C.C. Chapman, Cam Beck, Casper Willer, Cathleen Rittereiser, Cathryn Hrudicka, Cedric Giorgi, Charles Sipe, Chris Kieff, Chris Cree, Chris Wilson, Christina Kerley (CK), C.B. Whittemore, Clay Parker Jones, Chris Brown, Colin McKay, Connie Bensen, Connie Reece, Cord Silverstein, Corentin Monot, Craig Wilson, Daniel Honigman, Dan Goldstein, Dan Schawbel, Dana VanDen Heuvel, Dan Sitter, Daria Radota Rasmussen, Darren Herman, Darryl Patterson, Dave Davison, Dave Origano, David Armano, David Bausola, David Berkowitz, David Brazeal, David Koopmans, David Meerman Scott, David Petherick, David Reich, David Weinfeld, David Zinger, Deanna Gernert, Deborah Brown, Dennis Price, Derrick Kwa, Dino Demopoulos, Doug Haslam, Doug Meacham, Doug Mitchell, Douglas Hanna, Douglas Karr, Drew McLellan, Duane Brown, Dustin Jacobsen, Dylan Viner, Ed Brenegar, Ed Cotton, Efrain Mendicuti, Ellen Weber, Emily Reed, Eric Peterson, Eric Nehrlich, Ernie Mosteller, Faris Yakob, Fernanda Romano, Francis Anderson, G. Kofi Annan, Gareth Kay, Gary Cohen, Gaurav Mishra, Gavin Heaton, Geert Desager, George Jenkins, G.L. Hoffman, Gianandrea Facchini, Gordon Whitehead, Graham Hill, Greg Verdino, Gretel Going & Kathryn Fleming, Hillel Cooperman, Hugh Weber, J. Erik Potter, J.C. Hutchins, James Gordon-Macintosh, Jamey Shiels, Jasmin Tragas, Jason Oke, Jay Ehret, Jeanne Dininni, Jeff De Cagna, Jeff Gwynne, Jeff Noble, Jeff Wallace, Jennifer Warwick, Jenny Meade, Jeremy Fuksa, Jeremy Heilpern, Jeremy Middleton, Jeroen Verkroost, Jessica Hagy, Joanna Young, Joe Pulizzi, Joe Talbott, John Herrington, John Jantsch, John Moore, John Rosen, John Todor, Jon Burg, Jon Swanson, Jonathan Trenn, Jordan Behan, Julie Fleischer, Justin Flowers, Justin Foster, Karl Turley, Kate Trgovac, Katie Chatfield, Katie Konrath, Kenny Lauer, Keri Willenborg, Kevin Jessop, Kris Hoet, Krishna De, Kristin Gorski, Laura Fitton, Laurence Helene Borei, Lewis Green, Lois Kelly, Lori Magno, Louise Barnes-Johnston, Louise Mangan, Louise Manning, Luc Debaisieux, Marcus Brown, Mario Vellandi, Mark Blair, Mark Earls, Mark Goren, Mark Hancock, Mark Lewis, Mark McGuinness, Mark McSpadden, Matt Dickman, Matt J. McDonald, Matt Moore, Michael Hawkins, Michael Karnjanaprakorn, Michelle Lamar, Mike Arauz, Mike McAllen, Mike Sansone, Mitch Joel, Monica Wright, Nathan Gilliatt, Nathan Snell, Neil Perkin, Nettie Hartsock, Nick Rice, Oleksandr Skorokhod, Ozgur Alaz, Paul Chaney, Paul Hebert, Paul Isakson, Paul Marobella, Paul McEnany, Paul Tedesco, Paul Williams, Pet Campbell, Pete Deutschman, Peter Corbett, Phil Gerbyshak, Phil Lewis, Phil Soden, Piet Wulleman, Rachel Steiner, Sreeraj Menon, Reginald Adkins, Richard Huntington, Rishi Desai, Beeker Northam, Rob Mortimer, Robert Hruzek, Roberta Rosenberg, Robyn McMaster, Roger von Oech, Rohit Bhargava, Ron Shevlin, Ryan Barrett, Ryan Karpeles, Ryan Rasmussen, Sam Huleatt, Sandy Renshaw, Scott Goodson, Scott Monty, Scott Townsend, Scott White, Sean Howard, Sean Scott, Seni Thomas, Seth Gaffney, Shama Hyder, Sheila Scarborough, Sheryl Steadman, Simon Payn, Sonia Simone, Spike Jones, Stanley Johnson, Stephen Collins, Stephen Cribbett, Stephen Landau, Stephen Smith, Steve Bannister, Steve Hardy, Steve Portigal, Steve Roesler, Steven Verbruggen, Steve Woodruff, Sue Edworthy, Susan Bird, Susan Gunelius, Susan Heywood, Tammy Lenski, Terrell Meek, Thomas Clifford, Thomas Knoll, Tiffany Kenyon, Tim Brunelle, Tim Buesing, Tim Connor, Tim Jackson, Tim Longhurst, Tim Mannveille, Tim Tyler, Timothy Johnson, Tinu Abayomi-Paul, Toby Bloomberg, Todd Andrlik, Troy Rutter, Troy Worman, Uwe Hook, Valeria Maltoni, Vandana Ahuja, Vanessa DiMauro, Veronique Rabuteau, Wayne Buckhanan, William Azaroff, Yves Van Landeghem

Best Marketing Podcasts for 2008

marketing podcasts
Seth Godin doesn’t think podcasts are that great because you can’t browse 300 in minutes with an RSS feeder, but I am a big fan of podcasts because you can’t read a blog while you are stuck in traffic. Studies have shown that the least happiest part of the day is during our commute to work. Make yourself happier and smarter by listening to some of these top marketing podcasts.

Here are my updated rankings for the best marketing podcasts for 2008.

#9 Across the Sound

#8 Marketing Voices

#7 The Brand Show

#6 The Hook

#5 Duct-Tape Marketing

#4 Brand Fast-Trackers

#3 BeanCast

#2 Marketing Over Coffee

#1 Podtini

Other Good Business Podcasts:
APM Marketplace
HBR Ideacast
The Cranky Middle Manager
Wall street Journal This Morning
Time Business Podcasts
Business Week Cover Stories
Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders
Knowledge at Wharton

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