8 Valuable Takeaways from Mozcon 2013

Every year, Moz brings together some of the most innovative and forward-thinking online marketers for three full days of presentations that are overflowing with insights and tips. Here are some of my key insights from Mozcon 2013. Become an Early Adopter to Get Disproportionate Rewards Darmesh Shah talked about how he was one of the … Read more

Hit Your Target Market in the Bull's Eye

In a competitive economy, learning and knowing your target market like the back of your hand is essential to succeeding and differentiating yourself from competitors. The advantages of understanding how to learn about your target market and capitalize on it are many: Ability to relate with your customers and thus improve your marketing message Improved … Read more

A New Model for Marketing: Interview with Bob Gilbreath Author of The Next Evolution of Marketing

I am excited to be talking to Bob Gilbreath, author of The Next Evolution of Marketing which outlines a new approach to marketing called marketing with meaning. He has also worked as a brand manager for P&G where he was recognized by AdAge for his turn around of the Mr.Clean brand. He is currently Chief … Read more

Create Valuable Marketing: The Next Evolution of Marketing

In The Next Evolution of Marketing, Bob Gilbreath describes an alternative approach to marketing called “marketing with meaning”, in which marketing becomes a product or service in of itself that people choose to engage with. Gilbreath provides a ton of examples of how marketers can create marketing that is meaningful, like Nike’s social network for … Read more