The Best of Seth Godin

Seth Godin recently summarized the main ideas of his philosophy on good marketing on his blog. -Anticipated, personal and relevant advertising always does better than unsolicited junk.-Making promises and keeping them is a great way to build a brand.-Your best customers are worth far more than your average customers.-Share of wallet is easier, more profitable … Read more

Should We Keep it Simple Stupid?

One approach to communicating a marketing message to maximize effectiveness is to keep it really simple. The argument is that the human brain can only comprehend and retain a small amount of the total data so you should try to make your message as short and simple as possible. With this perspective you might be … Read more

Radiohead's New Strategy: Pay What You Want

In a brilliant marketing and PR move, the British band Radiohead is offering their new album for download at any price you want. You just go to their site and fill in the blank. I paid 1.25 pounds for music I wouldn’t have otherwise bought, just because I could. This is a great innovation for … Read more

Buzz Soda

Jones Soda Company based in Seattle Washington is now taking pre-orders for a five-pack of soda titled Dirt, Sports Cream, Perspiration, Sweet Victory and Natural Field Turf. According to the company spokesperson Clare Bowles the “Perspiration Soda is kind of salty tasting” with a “stinky football sock” finish. “A sip of Sports Cream Soda conjures … Read more

The Most Innovative Pricing Strategy

What if you let consumers take whatever they want and pay whatever they want. That’s the pricing model at a coffee shop called Terra Bite in Kirkland, Washington. There is no obligation to pay at all, as baristas are instructed not to look at what people pay into the tip jar and the website states … Read more

Marketing Diamonds to Guys

Steven Singer Jewelers is a jewelry store in Philadelphia’s jewelry row, the second largest jewelry district in the country. At first he tried traditional advertising with a $10,000 TV commercial featuring him behind the counter, but he says he got no business. Then he found he could set himself apart by targeting guys and building … Read more

Anti-Customer Service

We always hear that companies are trying to improve customer service. But what if a company did the opposite? At Dick’s Last Resort resturants in San Antonio, San Diego, Chicago, and Dallas, the waiters are trained to be obnoxious, offensive, and rude to customers, and people love it! They will throw your silverware on your … Read more