Free Webinar: Email Marketing Frequency

Marketing Profs and Experian provided a free webinar (with registration) that discusses how to effectively manage email marketing frequency. MarketingProfs provides many valuable recorded webinars including several free ones at their seminar library page. Some key takeaways from the webinar: -Ecommerce spending for Q4 of 2011 was up 14 percent. -Estimated $44.25 return for each … Read more

3 Reasons To Consider Advertising on the Radio

Advertising costs are a major expense for many businesses. As part of an effective advertising plan, companies must explore different methods to capture clients. Radio advertising can provide a cost-effective method for creating brand awareness and even obtaining new clients, especially for service-based companies. Radio advertising offers three main benefits. 1. First, it comes with … Read more

39 Best Small Business Marketing Tactics

Here are 39 top small business marketing tactics that will help you acquire and retain customers. This is a evolving post so if you would like to contribute, make suggestions in the comments. 1. Create a podcast 2. Offer a free trial 3. Blog 4. Google Adwords 5. Provide remarkable customer service 6. Give something … Read more

Successful Second Life Marketing Tactics

Second Life will probably never be widely adopted but as a niche media, it offers a lot of interesting marketing applications. Although Second Life is very unproven and difficult to measure in terms of ROI, residents of the virtual world have an unmatched level of brand interaction. I recently had the chance to listen to … Read more

Top 10 Marketing Applications of Twitter

Twitter is not just for telling people you just ate a sandwich. There are limitless applications for Twitter. Here are the top 10 marketing applications of Twitter. 1. Instant Focus GroupJason Calacanis uses his 23,000 plus followers to find out what they think. He will shoot out a question about what people think about a … Read more

Creating Free Content

Creating free content is one way to generate interest in your company and its offerings. That is why many companies are looking into producing their own podcasts and some companies have embraced podcasting. Business Week Cover Stories and Climbing the Ladder are just a few great podcasts that are part of the Business Week Podcast … Read more