Kwik-E-Marts Now Open

To promote the Simpsons’ Movie, a dozen 7-Eleven stores have temporarily turned into the fictional chain of Kwik-E-Marts from the Simpsons’s show by changing their signs and uniforms. 7-Elevens everywhere will also be selling previously fictional foods like Buzz Cola and Krusty O’s cereal which have been flying off the shelves. This is one of … Read more

Secret Menu Items

Many restaurants have secret off the menu items that can only be ordered by customers in the “loop”. At Jamba Juice you can order the following smoothies: Strawberry Shortcake, Gummy Bear ,Peanut Butter and Jelly, Starburst, Fruity Pebbles, Push-pops, and Skittles. At IN-N-OUT Burger they have Double Meat, Protein Style (lettuce wrap instead of bun), … Read more

Starburys Change the Game

How can marketers make the world a better place? One possibility is to market products that change or improve lives. The Starbury line of basketball shoes, endorsed by NBA player Stephan Marbury are $14.98 a pair, a significantly lower price point than competitors like Nike whose prices range from $80-$200. The objective of this pricing … Read more

Dell's Idea Storm

It looks like Dell is following the democratization of ideas enabled by the web. Dell is taking advantage of “crowd sourcing” with it’s new Idea Storm website, which solicits ideas and recommendations from anyone to improve their products. I can think of two reasons why this is cool marketing. First it tells consumers that they … Read more