Dharmesh Shah on How Inbound Marketing Works

Dharmesh Shah, the founder and CTO of inbound marketing software company Hubspot, gave this presentation at Dreamforce about inbound marketing.

Key takeaways from this talk:
-Promote people and content that promotes your brand.
-A billboard’s marketing value declines over time, while online content can provide marketing value over a very long time period.
-70% of search result clicks are for organic results (not paid results).
-People don’t usually click to the second page of search results but instead rephrase their query.
-Ask yourself if you can create content that is better than the pages that already rank.
-You can build authority be getting links from sites that Google already trusts.
-One of Hubspot’s customers uses inbound marketing to sell llama fences.
-Take a stand like “outbound marketing kills kittens” and you will gain some fanatics.
-Being average kills companies.
-Twitter is an awesome tool for amplifying the content you create.
-Create content that you think deserves to go viral.
-1 out of every 8 minutes spent online are spent on Facebook.
-Ask five friends if your content is worth sharing.
-It is a great time to hire content creators. There is a great oversupply of writers partly due to the changes in the publishing industry.
-If your marketing is broken, automating is not going to fix it. It will help you do the wrong things faster.
-Humans don’t want to be leads. They want a relationship.
-Actionable metrics do not matter if someone doesn’t act.
-Don’t share every piece of content that you create on social media.

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Bob Gilbreath Talk on Meaningful Marketing

Bob Gilbreath, author of The Next Evolution of Marketing, gave a great talk at Google on marketing that adds value to people’s lives. His book which was written a couple years ago, is a valuable read for marketers.

Key Takeaways from the talk:
-People don’t like advertising but they do want information about brands.
-Advertisers have overwhelmed people with junk and interruptions.
-A lot of work that marketers do is more valuable for marketers than customers.
-Anytime you let consumers make the brand their own, it creates a much deeper connection (example: customized M&Ms).
-Charmin created an app to help people find public restrooms.
-Scaling marketing is going away, but there is an opportunity to send focused messages to smaller audiences.
-Is your marketing itself adding value to people’s lives?

Tony Hsieh Talk on Brand Building

This is an excellent talk by Tony Hsieh at Stanford Business School from 2010 which discusses Zappos’ unique approach to marketing and branding.

Key Takeaways from the talk:
-If you visit Las Vegas, Zappos will pick you up from the airport, give you a tour of their headquarters, and drop you off at your hotel afterwards.
-Hsieh learned at Link Exchange that if you hire the wrong people, it can lead to a very poor company culture.
-The goal was to build a brand around providing the very best customer service and customer experience, which is not just limited to shoes.
-Zappos’ philosophy was to take the money that would have been spent on advertising and put it into customer service so the customers do the marketing through word of mouth.
-The number one driver of growth has been repeat customers and word of mouth.
-They focus on how to “Wow” customers with things like surprise overnight delivery.
-Zappos offers a 365 day return policy.
-Zappos puts their phone number on the top of every page of their website.
-The telephone is one of the best branding devices because you have the customers undivided attention for several minutes.
-Zappos doesn’t up sell on the phone and doesn’t use call scripts.
-They don’t try to get the customer off the phone as quickly as possible. The longest customer call was over 8 hours.
-They found that almost every customer calls at least once during their lifetime.
-Company culture is the number one priority of the company.
-Every employee goes through call center training and is on the phone for two weeks.
-50% of employee performance reviews is based on company culture.
-They are willing to hire or fire people based on their ten core values.
-They won’t hire someone who didn’t treat the shuttle driver well.
-Zappos has a monthly newsletter where employees can ask any question.
-Companies from Good to Great have a higher purpose than making money.
-What are you so passionate about that you would choose to do it even if you knew you wouldn’t make any money for 10 years? Do that.

Rand Fishkin's Talk on Why Inbound Marketing is Awesome

Rand Fishkin, the founder of the awesome SEO software and tools company SEOMoz, recently gave this excellent presentation at a Hackers and Founders meetup that makes a case for inbound marketing and provides actionable things to attract customers through this channel. If you haven’t tried SEOMoz, they have a free 30 day trial that is worth checking out (affiliate link).

Here are some key takeaways from the presentation:

  • People don’t like interruptive ads.
  • Having a remarkable product, like a USB Doomsday Device, makes it easy to earn links and social shares.
  • Search is one of the most popular online activities – 92% of internet users do search.
  • In the last year Google saw one of their highest levels of growth in the number of searches.
  • Search sends highly qualified, highly targeted traffic.
  • Kimpton Hotels fulfilled a request of a customer who requested kittens and Reese’s Pieces and the story made it on Reddit, which received a lot of attention.
  • The first position on Reddit can send 40,000 visitors in an hour.
  • Create content that people can embed on their site with a link to you like the Simply Hired trend graphs.
  • Simply Measured can export your Twitter followers into Excel which can be used to request links.
  • Followerwonk can be a great way to find and build relationships with journalists who cover your sector.
  • Reward the person who is referred like DropBox.
  • Creating a list of top blogs or sites can earn you links.

SEOMoz provides a ton of free resources for learning about search engine optimization including a great Q&A feature that allows you to ask the community any questions you have. I highly recommend their free guides like the Beginner’s Guide to SEO and The Professional Guide to Linkbuilding. They also have an awesome weekly free video series called Whiteboard Friday which has grown to hundreds of informative videos. Their webinars are top-notch and provide great information and tips on SEO.

16 Great Marketing Talks Online

While it can cost hundreds of dollars to see leading marketers talk at conferences, there are many free talks online that contain some great ideas on marketing. The following marketing presentations from marketing authors and thought leaders can help you to gain inspiration, build your knowledge, or find a new idea that can help your marketing efforts.

Here are some valuable marketing talks from top marketing authors and speakers that are insightful and informative.

Marketing Talks on Video

David Meerman Scott Talk on Inbound Marketing (52:22)

Tony Hsieh Talk on Zappos Approach to Brand Building (54:41)

Rand Fishkin on Why Inbound Marketing is Awesome (1:26:18)

Rand Fishkin Talks About New Opportunities in Search (52:25)

Rand Fishkin Talk on Free Marketing for Startups (58:02) -NSFW

Bob Gilbreath Talk on Meaningful Marketing (49:43)

Jason Fried Talk on Marketing by Teaching (19:17)

Dharmesh Shah on How Inbound Marketing Works (1:01:28)

Andy Sernovitz Talk on Word of Mouth (30:46)

Brian Halligan Talk: Building a World-Class Inbound Marketing Company (55:28)

Simon Sinek talk on Starting With Why (18:05)

John Jantsch Talk on Generating Referrals (39:02)

John Moore Discusses how to Create Buzzworthy Companies (27:58)

Seth Godin Talk at Google on Telling Stories That Spread (48:02)

Derek Halpern Talk on Nonverbal Website Cues (1:08:10)

Pat Flynn Talk on Using Free as a Marketing Tactic (54:59)

Photo Credit: gamerscoreblog

Books by These Speakers:

7 Free Online Lectures That Marketers Should Watch

The following list includes lectures and presentations from top colleges and marketing thought leaders.

Introduction to Psychology by Paul Bloom at Yale

Watch it on Academic Earth

Although psychology courses are not required in many undergraduate marketing programs, psychology has tremendous applications in marketing. Understanding motivations, behavior, and how people think are critical to being an effective marketer. Professor Bloom is a tremendous lecturer and I think you will really enjoy his lectures and learn a lot. Full videos of all 20 lectures are available at Academic Earth. The lecture above is one of my favorites and discusses what studies have uncovered about what makes us happy.

Psychology 156 – Human Emotion by Dacher Keltner from UC Berkeley

This course focuses on the science of human emotion and discusses topics like rationality and the role of emotion in decision making. Professor Keltner is also a tremendous lecturer, one of the best I’ve ever listened to.

Psych 160 Social Psychology by Dacher Keltner from UC Berkeley

This course looks at how people behave in social situations and discusses topics like social pressure. Marketers who understand how social influences can affect our behavior can apply this knowledge to marketing campaigns when appropriate. Some of the lectures in this series are missing, but there are several other social psychology lecture courses available online.

Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders from Stanford

This is an ongoing lecture series at Stanford that features a successful entrepreneur each week to share advice and lessons about starting and growing their business. Many of the talks discuss how they were able to grow their customers, since no startup can survive without customers. Here is a page with the talks that focus on sales and marketing.

Inbound Marketing University from Hubspot

This is a series of online marketing webinars from marketing thought leaders like Avinash Kaushik, Chris Brogan, David Meerman Scott, and Gary Vaynerchuk. These 16 “classes” cover a wide range of online marketing topics like email marketing, SEO, marketing analytics, viral marketing, and social media. You can also take a multiple choice test after viewing the classes and earn an inbound marketing certification that comes with a nice badge that you can put on your website.

SEOMoz Whiteboard Friday

If you would like to learn about how search engines work and how you can use search engine optimization to increase the relevance and importance of your website in the eyes of search engines, check out these series of videos. Rand Fishkin, the CEO of SEO software company SEOMOz, gives a short whiteboard presentation each week that lasts about 10 minutes (sometimes he is replaced by sidekick Danny Dover). There have been over 100 of these presentations, which you can view here.

The Ries Report

This series of video presentations by authors Al and Laura Ries discusses topics in branding and brand positioning. Al Ries is a marketing legend, as author of the classic marketing book Positioning, and presents some great concepts that can lead to marketing success.

Do you know of any lectures or presentations that you would like to recommend? Please add them to the comments.