The Value of Intangible Value

Marketers produce massive value for the global economy however most people don’t perceive marketing as an honored profession. In fact, according to a recent Gallop Poll, only 11% of people rated the honesty and ethical standards of advertising practitioners as very high or high. The only two professions that were lower were members of congress … Read more

12 Great Definitions of Marketing

“Getting someone, who has a need, to know, like and trust you.” -John Jantsch “The aim of marketing is to make selling superfluous.” -Peter Drucker “Marketing is about communicating true value and significance to your audience.”  –Ian Lurie “Marketing is telling a story about that value that resonates with people enough that they want to … Read more

Agile Software Methodology for Marketers

If you’ve been working anywhere near the tech world over the past decade, you probably have at least a vague sense of what the term agile software methodology means. Developed originally as a way to move developers away from clunky, time-consuming waterfall management methods, this technique has jumped the industry divides in recent years, adopted … Read more

15 Tips For Writing Great Product Reviews

The following article is a guest post by Aruna Ram. Based on a survey of online customers, it’s understood that 83% of buyers are influenced by product reviews, and about 70% actually look for product reviews before making their purchase decision. So how do you write the kind of product review that’ll influence thousands of … Read more

Marketers to Follow on Twitter from the Beancast

The Beancast is an awesome marketing podcast that was created by Bob Knorpp. He leads a lively and entertaining panel discussion of the week’s past news in marketing and advertising and the guests include some of the best minds in marketing. Here is a list of my favorite Beancasters to follow on Twitter. Bob Knorpp … Read more

8 Best Tweetable Definitions of Marketing

“Marketing is the act of connecting customers to products.” –Jeremiah Owyang “Getting someone, who has a need, to know, like and trust you.” –John Jantsch “Make big promises; overdeliver.” –Seth Godin “The profitable getting and keeping of good customers.” -Jeffery J. Fox How to Become a Marketing Superstar “Marketing is the process by which companies … Read more

Marketing Lessons from The Social Network

I just saw The Social Network and I thought it was a really good movie but an even better story. The movie is based on Ben Mezrich’s book, The Accidental Billionaires, which is a fictionalization of the story of Facebook’s beginnings from the point of view of co-founder Eduardo Saverin. The movie paints Zuckerberg as … Read more

40 Top Marketers to Follow on Twitter

CMOs Barry Judge BestBuyCMO Bio: Avid traveler, reader, sports enthusiast and like to eat out. CMO of Bestbuy Jeffrey Hayzlet JeffreyHayzlett Bio: Author, Change Agent, South Dakotan, and sometimes Cowboy. Former CMO of Kodak Rod Brooks NW_Mktg_Guy Bio: CMO for PEMCO Insurance. President-elect for WOMMA. Board member of WA. DECA. Dedicated WSU Cougar. Blended family … Read more

10 Free Copies Of Marketing Design Blog Book

JKR is a marketing design firm from the UK that has worked with brands like Guinness, Mars, and Molton Brown. They have put together a book of their past year’s blog posts on marketing design titled Is Brad Pitt a fishfinger and approached me to give away some copies. I think it is a smart … Read more