Why Not to Have Customers Make Your Commercials

In 2006, GM created a website that allowed people to make their own commercials for the Tahoe SUV. The site allowed users to select backgrounds, video shots and input text to design their ad. Unfortunately they must not have accounted for people creating negative ads that would circulate on You Tube. via Join the Conversation

Is Marketing Responsible for the Commercialization of Christmas?

Like Dave Barry said in the below quote, the commercialization of Christmas has partly distracted people from the true meaning of Christmas. You can’t escape the constant advertisements of sales by every retailer trying to leverage Christmas to help their bottom line. The other side of the argument would say that marketing is just facilitating … Read moreIs Marketing Responsible for the Commercialization of Christmas?

Imagine a World Without Marketing

I recently spoke to a co-worker who asked the common rhetorical question about marketing: “Isn’t marketing just about selling people things they don’t need.” I happily engaged in the intellectual sparring match, as I enjoy enlightening those unaware of how marketing makes our lives better. Granted, marketing is not as noble a cause as teaching … Read moreImagine a World Without Marketing

Philanthropic Marketing

As it becomes more difficult to communicate to consumers on traditional media, branding has become more critical to marketing success. Companies can not survive with questionable reputations, on the other hand a strong reputation can differentiate you from the competition. Bank of America recently bailed out Countrywide by purchasing 2 billion in stock which calmed … Read morePhilanthropic Marketing

Business = Marketing

My marketing professor once told us a remarkable story about a time he flew Southwest Airlines. As he was preparing to stow his luggage in the overhead compartment it suddenly flew open and a Southwest stewardess jumped out proclaiming “Welcome to Southwest Airlines!” Southwest Airlines’ legendary fun culture is an example that marketing is not … Read moreBusiness = Marketing