Free Webinar: Email Marketing Frequency

Marketing Profs and Experian provided a free webinar (with registration) that discusses how to effectively manage email marketing frequency. MarketingProfs provides many valuable recorded webinars including several free ones at their seminar library page. Some key takeaways from the webinar: -Ecommerce spending for Q4 of 2011 was up 14 percent. -Estimated $44.25 return for each … Read more

Brian Halligan Talk: Building a World-Class Inbound Marketing Company

Brian Halligan is the CEO of the fast growing marketing software company Hubspot and gave this informative talk at Dreamforce that discussed the virtues of inbound marketing and how to build a world-class inbound marketing organization inside your company. Key takeaways from the talk: -The traditional marketing playbook is fundamentally broken. -The way people consume … Read more

Measuring Success for Online Video Marketing

by Jamie West If you’re serious about marketing your brand on the web, and you want to take full advantage of the viral potential of social networks, you would be foolish to ignore video marketing. Video content is an increasingly vital component of any self-respecting brand’s online presence, and is becoming an ever-more dominant feature … Read more

How To Convert Website Visitors Into Customers

The hardest part of ecommerce is converting visitors to your website into paying customers. It’s all well and good getting 1000 visitors a day to your website but it’s pretty pointless if they are all leaving without signing up to your service, making a purchase or whatever the goal of your site is. So what … Read more

3 Tips for Getting Started With Email Marketing

by Craig Klein, founder of Sales Nexus It’s easy to dismiss email as a channel that’s outdated. However, while email isn’t the new kid on the block, that doesn’t mean it’s ineffective. In fact, because just about everyone who uses a computer is comfortable using email, it’s actually the most reliable way to communicate with … Read more

Dharmesh Shah on How Inbound Marketing Works

Dharmesh Shah, the founder and CTO of inbound marketing software company Hubspot, gave this presentation at Dreamforce about inbound marketing. Key takeaways from this talk: -Promote people and content that promotes your brand. -A billboard’s marketing value declines over time, while online content can provide marketing value over a very long time period. -70% of … Read more