How to Find Niche Low Competition Keywords Using Long Tail Pro

Starting a website or a blog is tough enough. Getting your content found on Page 1 on any given search engine is even tougher. It becomes very clear that keyword research and leveraging the right keywords is critical towards optimizing your website or blog post. The next question then becomes which keywords are the right … Read more

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4 Ways to Find Great Guest Posting Opportunities

Backlinks… Our SEO strategies rely on them heavily, but achieving them can seem like an endless battle. Sure, they are easy in theory, just contact a quality site, write up some great content and there you have it…but this is far from reality.  Beyond contacting a handful of websites we know about in our niche, … Read more

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3 Ways to Find Inbound Links to Your Site

1. Google Analytics Referral Traffic If you are getting referral traffic from other sites then those are sites that have linked to you. You can find the sites that are referring visitors to you by logging into Google Analytics and clicking on the “Referrals” link under the “Acquisition” tab in the menu. Change the date … Read more

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20 Helpful Resources for Learning About Keyword Research

A successful campaign to increase valuable traffic to your website starts with understanding the right keywords that you want your website to rank for. Keyword research can help you determine what potential customers are searching for and uncover opportunities where your site can move up to the first page in search results. The following resources … Read more

Top Interview Questions For Hiring an SEO Writer

Hiring for SEO can be tricky for two reasons: First, it’s difficult if you aren’t overly familiar with SEO yourself, and second, even if you do have an SEO background, it can be tough to know what questions to ask someone because it is such a new industry. Most colleges and universities don’t have classes … Read more

Tips for Promoting Your Content with Email (Infographic)

This instructographic by Portent Interative provides some helpful tips if you want to reach out to bloggers, editors, and webmasters to try to get a link to your content. Even if you create an awesome piece of content, you still have to promote the content to get it in front of influencers who can help … Read more

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Review of the Point Blank SEO Link Building Course

I recently purchased the Point Blank SEO Link Building Course and highly I recommend it for anyone whose job involves building and earning links. Jon Cooper is a bright young online marketer who also attends the University of Florida. He is the author of Point Blank SEO, one of the best blogs on the topic … Read more