5 Tips for Growing Your Facebook Group

While many people are leaving Facebook for newer platforms like SnapChat and Instagram, Facebook Groups are still going strong! Membership of Facebook Groups climbed 40% in 2018, and the trend is likely to continue. In this article, we’ll show you how to get more members in your Facebook group. With these tips, you’ll learn how … Read more

Video Interview on How to Get Traffic from Facebook Ads

This is a very informative interview with Victoria Gibson on Rise to the Top that describes how you can drive traffic to your site effectively through Facebook advertising. Key takeaways from the interview: -Facebook will lower your cost per click if your ad gets a lot of clicks. -You definitely need a Facebook page for … Read more

Why Marketers Should Care About Pinterest

They say you can find anything on the Internet. Each year, hundreds of programmers and developers attempt to come up with the latest social media tool. They spend a huge sum of both time and money in hopes of launching “the next biggest thing”. The sad reality is only a few handful are successful, and … Read more

How to Market Your Business on Google Plus

The following is a guest article by Sharon Shapiro. Social media is an essential marketing tool for any business these days, and as of recently a new Google-powered social network has entered the scene. Google+, which recently became available to Google Apps users, allows businesses to create pages. Through this social network, your business can … Read more

Mike Volpe Presentation on the Dangers of Marketing Automation

In this presentation Mike Volpe from Dreamforce, CMO of HubSpot, discusses the negative aspects of marketing automation and makes a case for inbound marketing. You can learn more from Mike Volpe by following him on Twitter at @mvolpe or checking out his weekly marketing show Marketing Update. Here are some of my takeaways from the … Read more

Transforming Organizations With Social Media: Review of Open Leadership

How do you make your company more open using social technologies? That is the challenge that Charlene Li discusses in her latest book Open Leadership. She discusses how social media can help organizations become more open and transparent and also share ideas more effectively within the company. She also discusses how to overcome the challenges … Read more