Tips for Conducting Keyword Research with SEMRush

A fundamental part of an SEO campaign is being able to do effective keyword research to find out what your target customer is searching for in Google. “Keyword research helps us remain competitive against other design agencies in the search engines.” says Jamie Costello from BGN Agency, a digital design company based in the United … Read more

Getting Started with Email Marketing

Email is one of the cheapest and the easiest tools you have in your marketing arsenal. Taking advantage of it can help you raise brand awareness and put you on the right track to boosting your profits. This step-by-step guide gives you all the information you need to start a successful email marketing campaign today … Read more

5 Ways to Boost Your Marketing Campaign With Animation

Video has become a critical component of marketing campaigns these days. A recent study by Nielsen found out that Facebook marketing videos boost brand awareness by 32-65%, increase purchase intent by 44-72%, and enhance video recall by 47-74% during the first 10 seconds of a video. These statistics speak for themselves. And within the umbrella … Read more

Best Marketing Podcasts

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Cool Marketing Blogs of the Week

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