Creating Free Content

Creating free content is one way to generate interest in your company and its offerings. That is why many companies are looking into producing their own podcasts and some companies have embraced podcasting. Business Week Cover Stories and Climbing the Ladder are just a few great podcasts that are part of the Business Week Podcast Series. The high quality and value of these free podcasts created momentum that eventually led to the tipping point of me spending 50 dollars on a subscription. Luis Kelly, in her book Beyond Buzz, says that she’s weary of consultants who guard their information until paid. Those who freely give away information on the other hand are perceived as having a lot more to offer.

Matt Heinz, in his book Are You Selling Pants or Selling a Dream, suggests that companies not talk about products but about their customers. Create content that is valuable to your customers. For instance if you are Home Depot, you could create shows on how to renovate your home. If you are a small business coach you could make a show about tips on marketing for small businesses. If your content rocks, you can build an audience of loyal listeners who have the potential to become loyal customers.