Derek Halpern Talk on Nonverbal Website Cues

Derek Halpern is the author of Social Triggers, a popular blog that shows how to use findings from academic research to be more effective in marketing and business. In this talk at Affiliate Summit, he discusses research that suggests ways to improve conversions on your website.

Some key takeaways from the talk:
-The British College of Optometrists found that 43% of people thought people who wore glasses are more intelligent and are more likely to get hired from a job interview.
-A study found that a fancy font on the menu made it seem like more time went into the preparation of a meal.
-A study found that people preferred a shorter content column width when reading online.
-If you get people to read the first three sentences of your copy, they will almost always read the rest of the copy.
-You should have one specific goal for each page.
-People don’t like to spend money. Don’t give them any reason not to buy.
-People prefer to read out of a book.
-Online people prefer consuming small chunks of content.
-Remove navigation on order pages to increase conversion.
-People have a tendency to look where other people are looking.
-It makes you feel good to see other people smile.
-Avoid using stock photos of people smiling. People are turned off by fake smiles.

Derek Halpern also hosts the excellent Social Triggers Insider podcast where he interviews authors and business people about psychology and business topics.

Creative Commons photo by Shashi Bellamkonda.