Dharmesh Shah on How Inbound Marketing Works

Dharmesh Shah, the founder and CTO of inbound marketing software company Hubspot, gave this presentation at Dreamforce about inbound marketing.

Key takeaways from this talk:
-Promote people and content that promotes your brand.
-A billboard’s marketing value declines over time, while online content can provide marketing value over a very long time period.
-70% of search result clicks are for organic results (not paid results).
-People don’t usually click to the second page of search results but instead rephrase their query.
-Ask yourself if you can create content that is better than the pages that already rank.
-You can build authority be getting links from sites that Google already trusts.
-One of Hubspot’s customers uses inbound marketing to sell llama fences.
-Take a stand like “outbound marketing kills kittens” and you will gain some fanatics.
-Being average kills companies.
-Twitter is an awesome tool for amplifying the content you create.
-Create content that you think deserves to go viral.
-1 out of every 8 minutes spent online are spent on Facebook.
-Ask five friends if your content is worth sharing.
-It is a great time to hire content creators. There is a great oversupply of writers partly due to the changes in the publishing industry.
-If your marketing is broken, automating is not going to fix it. It will help you do the wrong things faster.
-Humans don’t want to be leads. They want a relationship.
-Actionable metrics do not matter if someone doesn’t act.
-Don’t share every piece of content that you create on social media.

Photo by Betsy Weber