Review of DIY SEO Audit eBook by Nick LeRoy

I recently had the opportunity to review Nick LeRoy’s recently released eBook on conducting an SEO audit. Nick LeRoy is a well respected SEO consultant from Minneapolis and has contributed to popular sites like SEOMoz and Point Blank SEO.

This is an excellent eBook to pick up if you work in marketing or own a small business and want a quick guide to identify SEO opportunities and issues that may hurt your visibility in Google search. Reading this eBook will give you the information that you need to effectively increase your search engine optimization and attract more visitors who are interested in what you do.

-It provides only the essentials of what you would need to know to diagnose issues on your site and learn how to fix them.
-Provides great information for small businesses that don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on a site audit by an SEO expert.
-It covers many of the important technical aspects well, which can be difficult to learn on your own.
-If you are a beginner to SEO, you should be able to understand most of the content because it is explained in a straight forward manner with little fluff.
-It provides actionable tips, not just theory.

-Design and visuals of the eBook are minimal, but screenshots are helpful.
-If you are an advanced SEO professional, most of the content should be review.
-Doesn’t cover auditing your inbound link profile or how to get more quality links (Although the focus of the eBook is on-page SEO elements. The Point Blank SEO Link Building Course may be a good supplement).

Some of the topics covered include:
-Identifying Canonicalization Issues
-How Publishing Relevant Quality Content Helps
-Why You Shouldn’t Publish Content that isn’t 100% Unique
-Duplicate Content Issues
-Why You Should Silo Your Content into Buckets
-The Panda Update and How to Avoid Being Negatively Affected
-Measuring Site Speed
-Social Integration

Bottom Line: If you are not an expert at SEO and want to conduct an audit of your website yourself without paying a consultant hundreds or thousands of dollars, I recommend purchasing this eBook. The potential value far surpasses the cost.

You can lean more about the DIY Audit eBook at Nick LeRoy’s website.

Charles Sipe is an online marketing specialist in Seattle and executive editor of Cool Marketing Stuff. Follow him on Twitter at @charlessipe