Tips for Promoting Your Content with Email (Infographic)

This instructographic by Portent Interative provides some helpful tips if you want to reach out to bloggers, editors, and webmasters to try to get a link to your content. Even if you create an awesome piece of content, you still have to promote the content to get it in front of influencers who can help spread it. Getting organic links to your content is great, but you often need to be proactive to get the links that a great piece of content deserves. Check out the helpful tips in the instructographic below.

How to Write an Effective Outreach Email

In my experience, it can be helpful to mention a recent article that they have written that you liked or explain why you think your content is a good fit for their site based on a related piece of content on their site. It also helps if you can be helpful or add value before you ask for help or pitch them on adding a link. You can be helpful by pointing out any broken links on their site or leaving a thoughtful comment on a blog post. A branded email from the company you work for is ideal because it makes your email seem more trustworthy (as long as your company is known). By personalizing emails and making them short, I usually receive many positive responses and negative responses are very rare.