4 Ways to Find Great Guest Posting Opportunities


Our SEO strategies rely on them heavily, but achieving them can seem like an endless battle. Sure, they are easy in theory, just contact a quality site, write up some great content and there you have it…but this is far from reality. 

Beyond contacting a handful of websites we know about in our niche, how can we find quality sites that will accept our guest posts? We give you a go-to guide below…

Find Lists 

Let’s kick this off with probably the easiest way to find relevant websites in your niche that accept guest posts, finding lists. Just a quick Google search of ‘[niche] guest post list’ will usually reveal a host of site options that you can approach. 

These lists are so great because someone has already done the hard work for you, combing the internet for sites that regularly publish guest posts. These lists will often highlight other key information such as how difficulty of having a guest post accepted and website stats such as DA and PA. 

Use Specific Keywords

Being a little more specific with your search terms can also help you easily find great websites to guest post on. All you need to do is include the area you are looking for backlinks in and a terms such as “guest post” to find great results. 

For example, you may type “SEO” and “guest post” or “interior design” and “submit an article”. Using these specific searches will return sites which rank for both. Try a few combinations of each to get different results. Typically phrases like “write for us” work better than “guest post” as this often will just return more lists. 

Target Competitors 

Smart SEO tools like Moz and Ahrefs are also a great place to find and target potential guest post opportunities. 

To do this, simply use their link checking tools to get information on your competitors websites. The results will highlight the top sites that link through to their site, offering you insight into the websites that they are likely guest posting on.

This can be a great way to benefit from your competitors hard work and easily find industry relevant websites. 

Use a Marketplace

If you have ever attempted to get backlinks through guest posting, you will know that you will often need to pay for the privilege. This can be frustrating, but wherever there is money there are tools to help you get the most for yours. 

Although it can be a little costly, using guest post market places like Rank Warrior makes it super simple for you to find relevant websites. It also enables you to quickly and easily publish your content on them. These marketplaces can save you a lot of time and effort as they also often offer content writing services. 

We all know that quality backlinks are great for our search engine optimization. But finding and securing these types of links can be hard work. Use the tips we have outlined in this guide to help you quickly and easily find the best guest posting opportunities for your website. 

Owain is the Editor of BetterBusinessTools.co.uk and Founder of MAKE IT MANA marketing agency.