How to Import and Edit Landing Pages with Funneljoy

To be able to successfully collect leads and nurture them into paying customers, every marketer or entrepreneur would agree on the need for a sales funnel creation. In the same vein, to build a great sales funnel, you’d need to build a couple of landing pages targeted at specific user segments.

Sometimes, landing pages can take up a lot of time and resources to build. That’s if you decide to build them by actual coding. But then, to save time, money, and still achieve the same output, there is a lot of drag and drop sales funnel/landing pages builder available. One of these is Funneljoy.

Conventionally, with landing page builders, you can decide to use a pre-designed template or build one for scratch. But you can go one more step further by importing pages you like and editing them to your taste. This post is focused on showing you how.

In this post, we’ll be showing you how to import landing pages with Funneljoy and editing them to match your taste. Read through.

Why Should you Import Already-made Landing Pages 

There are a few reasons that you might want to consider when trying to decide if to import landing pages, use a template, or just build one from scratch. Usually, each marketer to his own. But you might want to consider importing already-made landing pages for the following reasons.

1. You already know it converts

The most important metric to measure how good a landing page is is the conversion rate. If you already know that a particular landing page has a great conversion rate, it only makes sense to replicate it. Instead of reinventing the wheel all over again. However, with this, you also have to put into cognizance the audience, product, and other variables that might affect the results produced.

2. It saves you time

Importing landing pages saves you a lot of time as opposed to building from scratch or using a template. With the former, everything is ready and has even gone live. Hence, you really don’t have to worry about little details that a landing page template might not cover. All you need to do after importing an already-made landing page is to edit. 

3. Makes testing easier

Importing external landing pages makes A/B testing easier. While landing page builder tools like Funneljoy have A/B testing features, you can test your pages against external pages by importing them. Basically, import an external page, change a variable, and test again the primary landing page.

How to Import and Edit Landing Pages with Funneljoy

Follow the steps below to import third-party landing pages on Funneljoy. [Screenshots included].

1. Create a Funneljoy account.

You can create a Funneljoy account here.

2. Visit the Funneljoy Campaigns dashboard

3. Click on “Create Funnel”

4. Select from the list of preset funnels or build from scratch

5. Name your Funnel and add a subdomain

6. Choose “Import from URL” to add a new landing page to your funnel

7. Add page URL, page name, and page type

8. Click “Import”

9. We just imported a Shopify landing page!

10. Click on the “edit” icon

11. Edit to serve your purpose

There you have it, a step-by-step guide on importing and editing landing pages with Funneljoy.