5 Qualities of Highly Effective Marketers

The following article is a guest article by Rachel Hyun Kim.

Have you ever considered a career in marketing? For people-oriented, outgoing individuals, marketing may appear like a natural career choice. However, this field requires more than a can-do attitude and an affinity for social media; marketers often share certain personality traits that help them succeed and spread their brand.

In order to be successful in marketing, the candidate must possess the right attitude and mentality to help them address the challenges ahead. The following traits may indicate you have a marketer’s soul, waiting to come out:

1. Passion for Communication

One key characteristic of marketers is the passion for communication, or the love of spreading the word. Oftentimes, people confuse marketers with the sleazy individuals that rely on telemarketing to promote their products. However, a true marketer is not looking to make a quick buck; he or she is truly passionate about their product, service, or company, and this enthusiasm transfers to their communication methods.

2. Numbers Oriented

One common misconception of marketers is that they simply connect to others through social media and talk to community members. However, marketing departments often require that their employees have numbers to back up their results. Therefore, marketers often have an affinity for numbers, and are not afraid to handle large sets of data. With an analytical mindset, marketers enjoy problem solving and are persistent at solving problems.

3. Early Adopter

The early adopter is constantly at the forefront of new technologies, signing up for beta releases or trying out new social media platforms before anyone else. This is an essential trait for marketers, who are always on the lookout for new ways to connect to their audience. The internet is constantly shifting and producing new communication channels; by trying them out, marketers can determine which best benefits their organization.

4. Love of Social Media

Nowadays, most companies understand the importance of social media, and often integrate this into their marketing departments. In order to succeed as a marketer, it is necessary that the individual possess knowledge of social media networks and platforms. However, this requires more than understanding how to create an account; social media marketers delve deep into the dynamics of the community that are created within a social media network. They integrate themselves within the community, and seek to understand how individuals interact. With this knowledge and the accompanying love of social media, marketers are able to better place their brand amongst community members.

5. Focused on Achieving Goals

This may seem like a common trait, but marketers especially benefit from this particular personality trait. Marketing oriented individuals create goals, and spend the majority of their time and energy striving for them. However, it is important to distinguish the type of goals that marketers focus on: in general, individuals focus on measurable, achievable goals, related to obtaining leads and increasing brand awareness. Therefore, individuals who are looking for a career in marketing should make sure that they’re dedicated and passionate towards accomplishments.

Rachel Hyun Kim is a writer for Resource Nation, an online resource that gives advice on B2B lead generation to small businesses and entrepreneurs.