How Exercising Before Work Can Boost Marketers' Productivity

The following article is a guest post from James Madeiros.

working out before workMost people understand the value of exercise, but higher rates of obesity, cardiovascular disease and diabetes are indicators that knowing does not equal doing; it is often a matter of incentivizing, or demonstrating the potential benefits of exercise in a way that makes it more attractive.

One strong incentive for many people is that exercising before work has been shown to increase work productivity. This is a good way to start a healthy cycle of activity, because once people boost their work productivity they often find they feel better through reduced stress and feelings of accomplishment, which in turn gives them more energy in other areas of their lives.

This approach to work efficiency is embraced by many corporations and is even encouraged by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). The CDC offers advice on how to assess employee health needs, balance them against the bottom line and then develop health programs that will result in a healthier workforce that is more energetic, less depressed and therefore happier to be at work.

Those who may argue they are too tired to wake up even earlier before work to exercise will take heart in results of a Swedish study that found businesses that set aside time for exercise during work increased productivity even though employees spent less time doing actual work. The conclusion, of course, is that people who have had some exercise can accomplish more work in less time than those who have not.

A boost in productivity is the cumulative result of the many benefits of exercise. Exercise increases the levels of serotonin in the brain, which helps improve thinking. It releases endorphins that create natural energy in the body, improves cardiovascular performance and provides a boost to the immune system.

Considering the many perks to exercise, it really should come as no surprise that work might seem a little easier after a quick jog around the block. The incentivizing nature of this is that an individual can see immediate results in productivity if they cared to measure it or look for it. This sets it apart from the other primary drivers of exercise: losing weight and feeling better.

Anyone who has attempted to begin an exercise regimen only to quit after a week or two knows that seeing and feeling results takes time. Studies show, however, that improving work is only a few stretches away. And, in a best-case scenario, that means that entering a positive cycle of activity can deliver the instant gratification people crave in any workout routine.

James Madeiros is a Staff Writer for Cascade Healthcare Solutions, an online seller of medical supplies.

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  1. Love the topic. I changed my workout to in the morning, as opposed to later in the day and I’ve 100% seen improvements in my ability to get stuff done during the day.

  2. Thanks Jason! The fresh air in the morning is also an extra plus. I read in the Happiness Hypothesis that the key is to sleep in your gym clothes so there is less will power required. You can just wake up and go!

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