How Marketers Can Use SEOMoz Tools To Improve SEO

I am a huge fan of SEOMoz’s suite of tools for improving the SEO of websites. Search engine optimization is an ongoing marketing tactic that will help a company’s site attract more visitors who are actively seeking a product or service to satisfy a want of fulfill a need. SEOMoz offers a comprehensive set of tools for facilitating the process of SEO. The following article describes how SEOMoz’s tools can help you implement effective SEO tactics, learn about SEO, and measure your progress.

Pro Webinars

These monthly hour long webinars provide expert advice and education on important SEO topics. Some examples of past webinar topics include: SEO for an E-commerce site, effective ways to build quality links, or actionable SEO analytics. You can watch the webinar live or view the recorded videos later. These webinars can help you keep up with the rapidly changing SEO environment.


Premium members are able to ask 2 or more questions each month that are answered by SEO professionals. This is like a really inexpensive way to get SEO consulting about specific questions you may have. Members can also view the archives of questions and answers, which is a great way to learn more about SEO.

Open Site Explorer

Open Site Explorer displays a list of links to a webpage. This can be a great way to find what sites are linking to your competitors or similar sites which can be good sources of potential links.

Keyword Difficulty Tool

When you are researching the top keywords to target for your website, you can enter a keyword phrase in this tool and you will get a score on how difficult or competitive the phrase is as well as stats on the top 10 sites you will have to outrank in order to get on the first page of search results for that phrase.

Rank Tracker

This tool will allow you to track the Google rankings of all your top keyword phrases which will help measure your progress.

Juicy Link Finder
This tool will recommend sources of potential links when you enter in a keyword phrase like “chuck norris workout videos”.

SEOMoz Campaign Tool

This is a combination of a lot of the tools above into a campaign management application. It tracks your pages and keywords and can provide you with useful data about SEO like crawl errors and changes in rankings. It can also integrate with your Google analytics to provide additional data.

Whiteboard Friday Videos

These are short video lessons on SEO topics that are free to everyone and available on the SEOMoz blog. They are very educational and often provide useful tips that you can implement immediately. A new Whiteboard Friday video is published each Friday and you can view over 100 past videos here.

SEOMoz Blog

This is one of the most useful and informative blogs on SEO and is free to everyone. CEO Rand Fishkin is a regular contributor and shares his deep knowledge and tips. There are several other contributors including the best submissions to SEOMoz’s user submitted SEO articles.

There are several other tools that I didn’t mention but I recommend learning more from the link below (an affiliate link). Even if you don’t decide to become a member the blog and Whiteboard Friday videos are excellent resources.