Invisible Marketing

Selling the Invisible written by Harry Beckwith is an excellent read about strategies for marketing of a service. The benefits of a service are not as apparent as the shiny paint job on a new Corvette. So as a result, services can be a harder sell. This book is a great how to on marketing in today’s service economy written in concise blog-like segments.

Top 4 pointers from Selling the Invisible

4. Good Ideas often sound crazy at first. Don’t let the “intelligent” people squash creative thinking.

3. The Common Sense Fallacy: Burger King thought people went to fast food for the food so they tried to stress better taste. However people really go to fast food to satisfy their hunger with cheap, fast, and okay tasting. Consumer behavior is not based on common sense.

2. Brands are extremely valuable to customers. It makes decisions easier because they know what to expect. It is a shortcut for doing research. It gives the customer confidence. Branded products out sell their replicate generic counterparts something like 9 to 1.

And the number 1 pointer….

1. Service marketing is about feelings over logic. The competent and likeable will attract far more business than the brilliant with no social skills.

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  1. I left the following comments in response to yours at my web site. Thanks for dropping by!

    If you’ve spent any time at all reading this blog, you know that I’m not afraid of people thinking. I just don’t want to encourage Hollywood in making movies that claim to be rooted in facts and in thought, but which are really the expressions of shallow egotism.

    I know lots of folks, Christians and non-Christians who plan on seeing the movie. That’s fine, as long as they really think and don’t accept on blind faith what Brown, on his web site, claims to be factual.

    The Christan faith always stands up to honest intellectual inquiry.

    Thanks for stopping by and for your comments.

    Mark Daniels

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