Is This the End for Banner Ads?

John Wall from the Ronin Marketeer blog and Marketing Over Coffee Podcast recently opened my eyes to a firefox plugin called AdBlock Plus that is internet equivalent to DVR. I just installed it and it claims to eliminate 99% of banner ads. It’s scary good.

Banners are often ignored anyways but if people start using effective ad-blocking software it will really make them into ineffective marketing tools. The benefit of using AdBlock is not only eliminating ads, but since these ads take time to load, your page will load faster. If enough people downloaded this free software it could have some serious effects on the business model of many sites that rely on ads for revenue.

1 thought on “Is This the End for Banner Ads?”

  1. It’s crazy isn’t it? I had to fire up IE last week for a webinar and with every site I hit I was saying “Where the hell are all these ads coming from?” I’ve already grown accustomed to them not being there…

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