Joanna Lord Talk on Social Media

In this excellent talk by SEOMoz’s Joanna Lord titled: “Social Media: Are you keeping up with the Joneses”, Joanna discusses SEOMoz’s approach to social media and what tools they are using to measure social metrics.

The video of the talk normally costs $70 but you can get it free by going to and signing up for the free monthly video from Distilled. You will get a checkout code to get the video for free. The video can be found at:

Key takeaways from the talk:
-Look at how social used on all pages, not just the homepage.
-Track and benchmark your brand mentions online.
-LinkedIn company profiles can provide competitive information like if they are growing their social media team.
-Engagement can mean a lot of different things. Be more specific.
-Empower people in your company who are excited about social media.
-Facebook advertising is not a very user friendly advertising platform.
-You want to start tracking now because a lot of tools don’t have good historical data.
-Opinions don’t make money. Decisions and next action steps make money.
-Some social media tools recommended in the talk: Visibli, SimplyMeasured, Attensity.

You can also follow Joanna Lord on Twitter: @JoannaLord

Creative Commons Flickr photo courtesy of Michael Dorausch