John Moore Talk on Creating Buzzworthy Companies

John Moore gave this excellent presentation at Word of Mouth Supergenius in 2009 about things you can do to make your company more remarkable. John is also a terrific public speaker. Check out John’s popular marketing blog Brand Autopsy for more great word of mouth marketing insights.

How to Create Buzzworthy Topics — presented by John Moore from on Vimeo.

Key takeaways:
-The average lifespan of a Fortune 500 company is 14,600 days.
-The bad thing about buzz is that it is often very temporary. Your goal should be to have sustained buzz over the long term.
-Buzz doesn’t create evangelists. Evangelists create buzz.
-The fruit of an evangelical customer is a new customer.
-3 secrets to buzz: great customer experience, explaining complicated things in simple terms, and being entertaining.
-Advertising still works. Entertaining advertising can be memorable and start discussions. An example is The Most Interesting Man in the World.
-The more obvious you are the more original you appear. An example of this is improv comedy.
-Voodoo Doughnut creates unique doughnuts like a doughnut with bacon on top or a giant sized doughnut that gets people to have a reaction and talk about them.
-People take pictures of their Voodoo doughnuts and share them online.
-A company’s personality will always be their best form of advertising.
-“Every person who wears our shoes becomes a marketer of our shoes.” -Tom Shoes
-Rackspace built their company culture around fanatical customer support.
-Whether you are B2C or B2B, you are people to people always.
-Companies that share more than they are comfortable sharing earn love from customers.

You can also check out John’s book Tribal Knowledge:

Creative Commons Photo courtesy of Josh Hallett