KFC Pilots Nose-Based Advertising in Office Buildings

Here’s a crazy story from dvorak.org/blog. KFC is piloting an “scent-focused” campaign that will deliver food filled mail to corporate mail rooms at the lunch time mail drop. The mail will contain chicken, a side item, and a biscuit aimed to release the aroma of fried chicken throughout the office and trigger the cravings of busy cubicle dwellers.

“There is truly no better brand ambassador worldwide than the signature aroma of freshly prepared Kentucky Fried Chicken,” said James O’Reilly, chief marketing officer for KFC. “And we couldn’t think of a better way to showcase the value of our new $2.99 Deal than to inject the mouth-watering scent of Kentucky Fried Chicken into the corridors of corporate America.”

I applaud this very creative and risk taking move by KFC’s marketing team. This tactic can be effective because it’s such a unique approach. It could attract complaints but I think they are smart enough not to inundate office workers. Hopefully it’s not a new medium that will fill our office halls with a different scent ad every day.

KFC Press Release

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